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For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with my weight. I had always been the chubby kid - and I chalked it all up to bad genes. When I was 16 years old, I hit my highest weight of 205lbs at 5'8".


I knew something had to change - so I began experimenting. I tried literally every diet you can think of: ketogenic, paleo, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig, "clean eating", juice fasts, "detoxes", you name it, I've done it. I've popped every kind of weight loss pill. I've hopped on every single diet trend. I've tortured myself with endless hours of cardio. I've been stuck in the binge/purge cycle. Nothing ever seemed to work - and I could never commit to anything long term. 


At the end of each day, I would cry myself to sleep thinking I had some kind of illness that was keeping me from losing weight. I truly believed I was destined to be *fat* forever!


BUT THEN in 2010, on a whim - I joined a weightlifting class at my University. It was the first time I had ever picked up a dumbbell in my life - and it was love at first lift! 

This class led to Crossfit in 2011 where I was introduced to the barbell. I started LIFTING HEAVIER and eating to fuel my workouts. I was eating more than I had ever eaten in my life - and slowly but surely, I got stronger - and my body started to change. It was just the catalyst I needed. 


In 2013, I decided to take my training to the next level, so I made it my goal to compete in a figure competition. I sought out a bodybuilding coach who gave me a stereotypical 'BRO' meal plan. It was - in a nutshell - tilapia, broccoli, chicken, egg whites & repeat …and for 12 weeks I (miserably) followed along.


With 12 weeks down and 9 more LONG months ahead of me, I had the bodybuilding aspect down; but, I was desperate for a more sustainable approach to my diet.


I started researching - and in the Fall of 2013, I stumbled on to flexible dieting  – and subsequently on to Major Gainz Fitness.


I hired Lazarus Ross to coach me in January of 2014. With his guidance, I was able to completely overhaul my body - without having to give up my favourite foods! 


In May of 2014, I started a 21 week cut following a flexible dieting approach. I was eating some of my favourite foods - like ice cream and chocolate - and I was losing fat! My ABS were showing for the first time in my entire life! 


I never felt deprived, I never felt like I had to miss out on social engagements - and because of this, I felt that it was something I could stick to LONG TERM.






























































After completing my first cut - I took a good hard look at my physique and decided it would serve me well to put another year or MORE in to building muscle before stepping on stage as a figure competitor.  


In October of 2014, I began another bulk (a process focussed on building muscle) - which lasted 14 months. 


In January of 2016, I began a 20 week prep for my first figure show. I documented the entire journey in an online video series, as well on my blog:


















Over the course of those 20 weeks, following a flexible dieting approach, I cut from 146 pounds to 119 pounds (on stage). I achieved my leanest, most shredded physique to date - all without having to give up any of my favourite foods.


























I ended up placing last in my division due to 1) coming in TOO lean and 2) being outsized by the competition (I'm on the far right): 











It was a hard lesson learned, but a lesson learned nonetheless - and the outcome only left me hungry for more. 

After my competition, I went straight back in to another bulk (14 months) in an attempt to put on more muscle. 

In late July of 2017 I began a 16 week prep for my second figure show. Again, I documented the entire journey in a Youtube series as well as on my blog

During those 16 weeks, I cut from 144 pounds to 131 pounds, which put me a whopping 12 pounds over my previous stage weight, and with a smaller waist measurement to boot (a solid indication that I put on a decent amount of muscle in my off-season!) 

I was extremely happy and confident with the physique I brought to the stage on show day - it was my best look to-date! 








I ended up taking second in my class (out of 7 competitors). I was absolutely thrilled! I worked my butt off for my redemption and I GOT IT!  




In February 2019, after another year dedicated to growth, I started a 17 week prep for my third figure show:

I was once again able to completely transform my physique - cutting from 160lbs to 131lbs on stage - and bringing a much improved, incredibly competitive package to the stage. I ended up taking first in Masters and second in Open! 
























The REAL win for me though, was comparing my stage shots from each of these 3 competitions and seeing JUST how far I've come... 



Over the course of the last decade, I have fallen completely head over heels in love with fitness and nutrition.


It truly is my entire world - and I wouldn't have it any other way. I LIVE for this. 

I have been coaching (both online and in-person) full-time for over eight and a half years - helping hundreds of men and women achieve their own vision of success, go on to win physique competitions, improve their general health, completely overhaul their relationship with food/body image, and (probably my favourite) go on to share their newfound love and understanding of the "how-to" with others. 

I coach a broad range of clients all the way from General Lifestyle/Weight Loss to Sport Specific, Obstacle Racers, Marathoners, Triathaloners - to National Level Physique Competitors (both men and women).


No matter the goal - I always strive to provide a healthy/safe, sustainable, evidence-driven approach to training/nutrition for ALL of my clients - and one that produces lasting results

THANK YOU for taking the time to stop by and check out my bio - if you have any questions, shoot me a message here, let's chat! 

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