Workout + What I'm Eating

Went in to the gym today with the intention of crushing my workout - but ready to accept otherwise. Ended up having an awesome workout! Feeling MUCH better - and I 100% attribute my speedy recovery to taking exceptional care of my health. Micronutrients. Water. Rest. The recipe for all good things!

17 Weeks Out - Check In + Progress Photos

No major progress on the scale this week - BUT measurements are down. So I'm cool with that. Considering my activity level has been NIL the last few days while I've been sick - I can't really complain. Age: 31 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 17 Start Weight: 145.3lbs Last Week: 141.2lbs Current Weight: 141.5lbs Loss/Gain this week: +0.3lbs Total Loss: -3.8lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 141.9lbs This Week’s Average Weight: 141.7lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 26” Hips: 36.5” Thigh: 23.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Measurements: Chest: 36” Waist: 25” (down 0.5" from last week) Hips: 35” (down 0.5" from last week) Thigh: 22.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Macros: 160P / 165C / 45F Current Cardio

What I'm Eating & The Workout That Never Was

Woke up feeling exhausted. Was aiming to power through a leg day but my body had other plans. I got through my warm up sets of squats and my body started aching. I could not get warm - even with a sweater on. Failed half way through my squat sets. Moved on to lunges. Got two sets in and called the whole thing off. I am SICK! Got home in time to take a hot bath and climb in to bed. Slept away the afternoon! Feeling better this evening - maybe it's a 24 hour thing? Not sure, but hoping a solid sleep tonight will set me straight. I'll likely go back on Sunday to finish my leg day. Likely won't get to the gym tomorrow but I'm going to see how I'm feeling. Not even worth posting my workout as it

Mid-week Check In + Coach Feedback

I had my mid-week check in with Laz today. Today I'm 142.3 (holy fluctuations batman!) I'm seeing some good changes in my progress photos from week 20 vs now (17.5 weeks out): Nice progress through my mid section - you can't really tell from these pics but the shorts are getting LOOSE. Definitely losing inches in the right spots! I knew changes were comings this week though :P Starting 1200 calories of low intensity cardio per week.

Workout + What I'm Eating

Ok - I mastered the volume game today. I'm proud of myself. It felt like all I did today was eat - and that's because all I did today was eat. I split my breakfast up in to two meals. Then I split my lunch up in to two meals (listed under lunch and then again under snacks). Ate a HUGE veggie dinner (the volume is nuts - it's enough to feed 3 people.) AND THEN - I ate an entire batch of jello. Not only am I feeling satisfied today - but legitimately STUFFED. Going to bed with a FULL belly. Also - don't even know why or how but my strength was way up today. Lat pull downs at 115lbs is new for me - probably could have gone to 120 but I wanted to keep my form in check. Deadlifts felt like BUTTE

What I'm Eating (Rest Day) - Learning to Maximize Volume

I'm learning how to maximize my macros to ensure I'm eating HUGE meals through out the day - to help curb the ol' appetite. By the end of this prep, I shall be the VOLUME MASTER. I now split my "breakfast" in to 2 separate meals. Each with 20g of oats, half a cup of egg whites, half a scoop of protein and 16g of coconut almond butter. I log it as one meal - but splitting it up gives me what feels like an entire MEAL between when I eat breakfast (6AM) and when I eat lunch (1pm). Excellent for post-workout! I know that the hunger I'm feeling at this point is mental - not physical. I only want food because I know I'm limited, not because I'm actually in need of it. Learning to distinguish betw

Workout + What I'm Eating

I feel like I could eat the world today. But alas. I will only eat the part that fits my macros. Had a good workout today - increased weight and/or reps on almost everything. Thank YOU preworkout. Weight is still sitting at 141. 1lbs today.

Week 2 - Summary

Aaaand here's my week 2 log - which I use for check ins with my coach! I made a little note for Laz saying I prefer cardio over less food... which I'm sure I will soon regret.

What I'm Eating (Rest Day)

Thank you sweet baby lawd for this rest day. I am pooped. Don't even know why - I've been sleeping like a rock the last week.

Workout + What I'm Eating

Had a really solid workout today - energy was on point. Usually I'm dying of hunger on leg days, but I haven't felt that today at all.

18 Weeks Out - Check In + Progress Photos

Seeing some solid changes in my progress photos at this point, which makes me incredibly motivated to continue crushing this prep! Can't believe 2 weeks have come and gone already. I've nailed my macros every. single. day. I've given 100% in my workouts every. single. day. My energy is up. My happiness is through the roof. So far, so good! Age: 31 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 18 Start Weight: 145.3lbs Last Week: 142.9lbs Current Weight: 141.2lbs Loss this week: -1.7lbs Total Loss: -4.1lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 26” Hips: 36.5” Thigh: 23.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 25” Hips: 35.5” Thigh: 22.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Macros: 160P / 165C / 45F Cur

Workout + What I'm Eating

Weighed in at 141.7lbs this morning which is the lowest weight I've recoreded yet - all while strength seems to be increasing! I'm happy! Here's to a solid weekend of training and staying on plan :) New measurements and my weekly progress pics will be up tomorrow!

What I'm Eating (Rest Day) + Check In

I've started checking in with Laz on Thursdays (sending progress photos and log) instead of Monday. I was FLIPPIN' pumped to see some changes in my progress photos this week. Especially through my back. Here's my Week 20 vs Week 18 (and a half - I'm 18 weeks out on Saturday) comparison. I'm happy! Laz didn't have any changes for me at this point - so onwards and upwards! I'm still feeling amazing (although, exhausted as my restless dog kept me up all night) and really positive about this entire journey. Here's my food log for today:

Workout + What I'm Eating

Awesome push day in the books. Felt strong through all of my lifts, PR'd my reps on DB shoulder press. Energy is at full-tit and I'm PUMPED!

What I'm Eating (Rest Day)

I am ITCHING to hit my push workout tomorrow! I hate rest days! AGHHHH!!! Also - I must say - Lindt Caramel with Sea Salt.... it's the bees KNEES, baby!

Workout + What I'm Eating

Feedback from my coach = NO changes at this point! I'm happy. I'll be checking in with him again on Thursday. Got a solid leg workout in today - feeling good! Weight was back up to 143.0lbs today. Fluctuations! I'm getting better at figuring out ways to eat more through out the day. My breakfast is logged as 1 meal but I split it in to 1 pre-workout and 1 post-workout meal - which pretty much tied me over until lunch at 2pm. This means, I can eat dinner later (7pm), and go to bed with a full belly. Which is crucial - especially on leg days!

Week 1 - Summary

This is the weekly log that I fill out each week for my coach, Laz (Major Gainz Fitness). Here's a look at my daily macros and weight changes for week 1. You can see how the scale fluctuates on a daily basis - and how that averages out over the week. Because daily weight fluctuations are so unpredictable, we look at how my average weight trends week on week - as opposed to how my daily weight trends from day to day. All in all - a very solid week. Hit macros every day within a 3g range - and I plan to keep that up! I actually LOVE trying to "tetris" my macros in to each 3g range - I make a bit of a game out of it. Maybe it's the OCD in me - but I get some weird enjoyment out of it!

My Workout Schedule - Explained

I feel like I should explain my workout frequency; because, last week was a bit of a gong show. Normally, I won't workout 3 days in a row, but because of how I scheduled my week last week, that's just the way it worked out. I follow a "PPL" style of program (Push/Pull/Legs). I have 2 different Push workouts, 2 different Pull workouts and 2 different Leg workouts that I cycle through. I cycle through all 6 workouts every 10 days. This means, I'm working out and/or taking rest days on different days of the week every week - allowing for, essentially 4 workout days and 3 rest days each "week". It looks something like this: I am BAD at taking rest days when I should - but, ample rest/recovery is

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