Week 7 - Summary

Here's a look at week 7 in it's entirety - note the massive fluctuation from Sat - Sun. Only hit 3 lifting sessions this week. What a bummer.


I know, I know - I really need to stop whining so much - but I missed out on YET ANOTHER night of sleep last night... UGH! Why won't this end?! You know when you're exhausted from not sleeping and you go to bed and try to think of something OTHER than not being able to sleep - and that in turn, makes you unable to sleep? Yeah, that was me last night. Woke up at 139.4lbs today (pretty normal for me to gain after a night of no sleep.) I had to push my workout back YET AGAIN. No pull day for me today. No point - I am basically a walking zombie. I (at least) got my cardio in - 200 cals on the stairs (it was a true slog) and on my way home, I stopped off at the drug store to pick up some Unisom t

Ice Cream. That is all.

Today I fit in an ice cream sandwich... I was craving the hell out of it... but in retrospect, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. It's been a while since I've had dairy - and my body is not happy with me now. I look PREGGO - my stomach is distended and ROCK HARD. It's not hot. Mmmmmmaybe - will go the coconut ice cream route next time. Had a decent workout and hit a quick cardio sesh this morning - but I'm feeling the lack of sleep this week. Merp.


So so very real. There was nothing I could do for it today but caffeinate myself and hope for the best. Hit a 300 cal cardio sesh this morning and my appetite has just been gangbusters every since. I'm sure it's because I've corrected my protein overage in MFP and now eating less protein = hunger. I've eaten all of my food for the day - and I'm still not full. I'm going to walk my dog and then take a hot bath and hop in to bed. POWER THROUGH.


Seems like all I talk about lately is sleep. Winter....or sleep. Well folks, these are two major characters in this chapter of my life. If sleep is off - everything is off. Hit a solid leg sesh - and super happy I pushed it backa day, as I wouldn't have hit it quite so hard had I done it on zero sleep yesterday. Thank the sweet baby lawd, I mustered up 6.5 hours last night and I'm hoping for a solid 8 tonight. Fingers crossed. Currently sipping tea. About to hop in a nice Epsom Salt soak - then BED! Another busy day tomorrow :) My abs stopped in to say HI this morning - which was nice!

Mother of Merle

Operating on zero hours of sleep. Ok, maybe 3. My dog is having frosh week or something - no sleep, all party. I was supposed to hit the gym for legs today but - in my condition, that ain't happening. I pushed everything back a day. Will get at it tomorrow - HOPEFULLY, after a full night's rest. Today is kicking my butt. When I'm tired - I am SO flippin' hungry it's not even funny. I worked way too many snacks in to my day and not enough veg... and way too much caffiene. I'm feeling it. I'm bloated and just don't feel myself. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day.

MFP Sucks.

Today will go down in history as the sad, sad day I discovered I've been over eating protein by about 20g per day because I've been logging it incorrectly - or rather, MFP has been giving me bunk data for my entry. Thanks alot, "Myfitnesspal" - if that IS your real name. I dunno how I didn't notice this sooner. I blame being blonde. I really do. I've at least been consistent about it - since I eat the exact same thing for lunch every day. Anyway - lesson learned. Corrected it and I'm moving on. But big picture - that's 560 extra calories I've been consuming each day. That's almost half of my cardio for the week. We'll see if the correction has an effect on my losses. Went for a volume home r

What goes up - must come down.

No sleep last night - sad after my epic night's sleep on Saturday. Dog was up, doing his dog thing. Sometimes he's just restless so he whines and fidgets all night. Little sleep + too much caffiene has turned my brain to MUSH today. THE HUNGER IS SO REAL when I'm tired. I don't even know how I managed to not eat everything under the sun today (hence all the chocolate in today's log....) I originally had a pull workout scheduled for today and cardio only tomorrow, so I flipped them around - did cardio today, will do my pull workout tomorrow. I'd rather sleep and crush my workout than half-ass it. Got 300 cals of medium intensity cardio knocked off today though - that was good! Bath and bed ri

14 Weeks Out - Check In + Progress Photos

Here are my progress photos and measurements from my weekly check in with Laz: Age: 31 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 14 Start Weight: 145.3lbs Last Week: 138.9lbs Current Weight: 137.7lbs Loss/Gain this week: -1.2lbs Total Loss: -7.6lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 139.8lbs This Week’s Average Weight: 138.4lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 26” Hips: 36.5” Thigh: 23.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Measurements: Chest: 36” Waist: 24.5” Hips: 34” Thigh: 22” Bicep: 12.5” Current Macros: 160P / 165C / 45F Current Cardio: 1200 Calories of MISS / Week

A Solid End to a Crazy Week

You ever have those days where the stars just align and everything awesome that can happen, happens? Yeah, I just did. Today was amazing. I woke up from a 9.5 hour sleep and knew as soon as my feet hit the bedroom floor that today was gonna be epic. I got my breakfast in and headed to the gym for what can only be described as THE BEST WORKOUT of all workouts EVER. Increased weight on a bunch of different lifts and just had the most solid pump the entire way through. I was working on posing between sets and - for the first time, looked in the mirror and saw a physique that was worthy of the stage. I honestly feel that I can be competitive in this sport - and that's what I plan on being. Knock

A Much Needed Rest Day!

The only activity I got in today was a dog walk - it felt great to give my body a day off. I am HURTIN' from my leg shesh yesterday. Epsom salt soaks are my saviour at the moment. Will be taking another one tonight - and going to bed EARLY again. Sleep. Eat. Lift. Repeat. Woke up today at 137.4lbs which is a new low for me - positive that's due to the extra activity I've had this week (thank you snow shovelling....) but I ain't gonna argue. I've had protein fluff/ice cream 3 days in a row... time to lay off. The whey protein is making me bloated as f*ck.

Leg day = WRECKED

Can't seem to catch a break with the car this week. It's currently running and is unstuck from the driveway... but is now doing some weird ass SHAKY sh*t at speeds above 70! I don't know what's up - so I'm gonna take it in and get it checked out this weekend. Hoping it's just a wheel alignment issue? Goodbye $$$$ - usually the case with the mechanic - but worse, my weekend plans that required a car kind of went down the drain. It's been a stressful week in that respect but - keeping things in check and controlling what I can control. That's all I can do. Ok, I'll stop whining now ;) Hit legs HARD this morning - hit some more rep PR's and had a solid workout!!! I'm pumped - I've completed all

Aaand here we go again.

This whole car situation is getting super old, super fast. My car was legit FROZEN to my driveway this morning! I tried sanding, salting, digging - everything to get it out - with no avail. So - off to the bus stop for me cause I had a pull workout and cardio to get through. 5 hours later - I was back home - and starving. Can't help but laugh. Winter is a butthole. Crappy workout, energy was down and I'm sure it was because I ate at 5:30am and didn't get to the gym until about 10 - so I was gassed pretty quick. But I got through it - and went as heavy as I could. Tomorrow is a new day. And a leg day! Pray my car starts tomorrow LOL!

Protein ICE CREAM!

This is gonna blow your tits off. Here's the recipe for protein ice cream as promised: 1/2 Cup Almond Milk 1 Scoop of Whey Protein (flavour of your choice) I used Chocolate Coconut 1/4 Cup of Walden Farm's Pancake Syrup 1 Dozen Ice Cubes Toss all ingredients in a GOOD blender and blend blend blend until it fluffs up to a consistency that's similar to soft serve. If it's too thick, add more almond milk. If it's too thin, add a dash of xanthan gum (thickening agent). Top with whatever floats your boat (I added some puffed rice cereal to mine - which kinda tastes like the cone part of the ice cream cone - and then a little more WF syrup) HUGE volume. Amazingly satisfying for those with sweet te

Killing this week so far...

Woke up today at 138.1lbs which is a new low! Feeling lean and mean - but I keep having dreams where I eat the fucking world, so I wake up in a panic that I've blown it. #prepbrain My car seems to have thawd out and is running again, PHEW. One thing off my list of things to stress about. Drove to the gym this morning just as it was starting to snow. It snowed about a foot while I was at the gym - and I HAD to get to the grocery store for broccoli - so I white knuckled the drive and made it in one piece. Getting home was a nightmare. Cars in ditches. Cars slipping and sliding everywhere. I was driving 40 in a 80 zone and I didn't GAF. Pulled in to my driveway to get stuck... so I'm gonna have

Ohhh Winter. Did it to me again.

My car is still suffering from the Winter blues - had to bus it to the gym for my cardio session today. In true Kait Cavers form - it ended up being a 4 hour journey. I'll quit my whining though. I got my cardio in (300 cals of MISS) and that's what counts. Busy Monday with client check-ins! Days like today, I have to remember to stop and eat - or I get so caught up with my to-do's that I forget. I know right - who forgets to eat? Silly me though - I went to the store to pick up some more broccoli slaw (I'm out!) and forgot that stores are all closed today - Family Day. Had to shuffle some macros around and make-do with what I have in the fridge. No broccoli slaw for me today. My fiber is pa

Week 5 - Summary

Here's a look at Week 5 in it's entirety - Tuesday's carbs are "off" due to my refeed. Otherwise, I've hit macros every day since I started prep! Pretty proud of myself - not gan' lie.

15 Weeks Out - Check In + Progress Photos

Here are my progress photos and measurements from my weekly check in with Laz: Age: 31 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 15 Start Weight: 145.3lbs Last Week: 140.2lbs Current Weight: 138.9lbs Loss/Gain this week: -1.3lbs Total Loss: -6.4lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 140.8lbs This Week’s Average Weight: 139.8lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 26” Hips: 36.5” Thigh: 23.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Measurements: Chest: 36” Waist: 24.5” Hips: 34” (down 0.5” from last week) Thigh: 22” (down 0.5” from last week) Bicep: 12.5” Current Macros: 160P / 165C / 45F Current Cardio: 1200 Calories of MISS / Week

How Winter decided to screw my Sunday...

I decided to head to the gym for my leg sesh at 9am. Discovered that the MINUS 41 DEGREE weather had frozen my car - so it wouldn't start LOL! Off to a good start! Bundled myself up and went to catch my bus. It's a solid 15 minute walk to the bus stop - so I ran it ...to stay warm! Fun Fact about Kait - I have a particular knack for showing up at the bus stop right as the bus I'm supposed to get on is leaving. "Why don't you leave earlier" you say? Because even when I do - the bus will be early and I'll miss it anyway. It's a curse! So I FROZE waiting for my bus. Finally hitched my ride - and got to the gym at 11. ROCKED my workout though! Crushed the legs. and then.... had to hop on the sta

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