1 Day OUT!

T'was the night before Fitness.... I've got my first coat of tan on and I'm all carbed up from today's refeed. All I have left to do now is get a good night's sleep and wake up early for Make Up/Hair tomorrow morning! I'm all kinds of nervous - and hope I can get some sleep - but it was an early morning for me so should be no problem (I hope!) Keep number #111 in your thoughts! Today: Weight - 119.3lbs Workout - NONE Cardio - NONE Water - 4L Posing - 10 Minutes Macros - 150P/30F/350C HERE WE GO!

Aaaaaand I'm done.

Had my last session today! It was bitter sweet. I did a push/pull mix - focussed on hitting all upper body once, two sets of 15 reps a piece. Left the gym and madness ensued! Had a huge list of items I had to take care of today but I'm happy to say I made it! Got my nails done. Got Russ off to the kennel. Picked up the last nagging items on my list of stuff to bring. Cleaned. Packed. Suit sewn (the hooks and top needed to be sewn to my measurements) Client Check Ins POSING! etc etc etc the list goes on haha Today flew by - and I didn't want to be peeing every 5 minutes while I was out trying to tackle everything, so I left my water consumption to this evening. Thank goodness it was only a ga

So Much To Do!

So much to do and so little time! I have been running around like a mad woman today trying to tie up loose ends before I leave... I have a laundry list of items already on the schedule for tomorrow... so I'm glad I took the time to finish up my meal prep today. I have all of my meals portioned out and ready to go for Friday and Saturday! Lots of rice. Lots of fish. Lots of asparagus. Keep it super simple! AND I received my Tan/Hair/Makeup times today! It's ON like TRON. I know this is all going to be over in a flash so I need to soak it in. Today I wrapped up my last cardio session (!!!!!) and had my second to last workout (pull). Had some issues with digestion this morning - not exactly sur

Days are now FLYING by....

Holy moly - there's not enough time in the day it seems. I guess I'm just busier this week.... running around tying up loose ends before I leave - and that's making the days fly. Coach bumped my macros up again today! Nothing like EATING going in to a show! I missed my workout today though - on account of a 3 hour hair appointment to touch up my locks for the big day. Not enough time to finish up work AND work out today. Not a big deal, I actually had this session scheduled for tomorrow originally anyway - so I'll just ride out my original game plan of Push Monday, Pull Wednesday and then a light Push/Pull on Thursday AM. Lots of stuff to knock off my to-do list still - which is why I'm so t

All Systems Are A-GO!

Peak Week shenanigans have officially begun. Today: Weight - 123.4lbs (new low) Workout - Push Cardio - 250 Cals of Liss (Walking) Water - 8L Posing - 20 Minutes Macros - 150P/30F/140C So unbelievably happy to have my cardio scaled back. It's not that I hate cardio, it's that I HATE having to hit a specific amount each week - it's the rebellious teenager in me that says "NUH-UH" when asked to do something... so cardio being cut this week (significantly) paired with a slight increase in carbs today - made me a very happy lady! I'll do a day by day break down of each day this week so you can see how things change each day based on my progress. I'll be checking in with Coach again tomorrow morn

1 Week Out (!!) Check In + Progress Photos

Feeling like a puny string bean - but I'm happy with where I'm at. I had no idea my legs could lean out the way they have! Age: 32 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 1 Start Weight: 145.3lbs Last Week: 126.7lbs Current Weight: 123.4lbs Loss/Gain this week: 3.3lbs Total Loss: -21.9 Last Week’s Average Weight: 127.84lbs This Week’s Average Weight: 125.04lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 26” Hips: 36.5” Thigh: 23.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Measurements: Chest: 35.0” Waist: 23.5” (down 0.25” from last week) Hips: 32” (down 0.25" from last week) Thigh: 19.5” (down 0.5" from last week) Bicep: 11.5” (down 0.25" from last week) Current Macros: 160P / 115C / 30F Current Cardio: 2500 Calories of

Another Week Down

Phew! At this time next week, it will all be over - hard to believe! It feels like it took FOREVER to get here; but, I know this next week is going to fly by - so I'm gonna savour what's left. Knocked out my 300 cals of cardio today to finish up my weekly total. On path, on course, on point. Feeling great - excitement is increasing every day - which is doing wonders for my energy. Just a couple more sessions left - gotta make 'em count!


What does that mean for workouts/cardio/macros? Right now - nothing... haha :P Same old until I check in with coach on Monday and get further instructions - however; I did have my LAST leg day today. It was painful. Increased reps and weight with lighter loads - because my strength is crap and I'm exhausted ... so it's really all I could muster. WHY is today my last leg day? I tend to hold water in my legs for a good 3-4 days after working them... I want to make sure they're tight and right on show day - so I'm playing it safe and giving them ample recovery time before the stage. Cardio and posing will be the only work these leggies do for the rest of prep. Food-wise, I'm feeling content wit

Crushed It!

Had an awesome day today - just feeling so good in the energy department this week. Things are GOOD! Weighed in today at 123.9lbs - another low for me. Weight is just cruising this week for some reason. Where were these scale movements a month ago when I was forever stuck at 133? Had a great workout this morning - actually hit some decent lifts and felt good doing it. Mental game was in check today. Split my cardio up in to 2 smaller sessions so I wouldn't dread the hell out of it. Got it done. I am REALLY looking forward to getting back to training for STRENGTH gains and PR's - those workouts are always so much more enjoyable. I'd take hitting a PR over this 6 pack any day.

Day by Day.

Getting this cardio knocked out step by step, moment by moment, day by day. Fuelled by the fact that I'm a mere 9 DAYS OUT. 500 cals knocked out today. Hit a new low of 124.5lbs on the scale! I think it's safe to say my bloat situation has resolved. Checked in with my coach today and we're on schedule. No cuts to macros or additions to cardio at this stage - which makes me happy. In other news, my back up suit arrived today... I knew I shouldn't have tried it on but my curiosity got the best of me. You know when you go to test drive cars - and you go in settled on the base model....and then they get you to try the souped up sports car for comparison - and you end up falling in love. That ha

Running on Empty!

My workouts are literally sucking the life out of me at this point LOL! It takes everything to get through them - but I'm getting through them. Had a solid push sesh today - even mustered up a little pump (don't even know how!). Followed that up with my cardio for the day - and a good mobility session on the ol' legs. About to hop in an epsom salt soak and call it a day. Hit a new low on the scale today too - 125lbs! Lean as a mofo! My menu is repetitive at this point. I'm just sticking to what I know will keep me full. I will likely change this up next Monday and opt for less fibre during peak week - to help eliminate any bloat before I get on stage. Playing it by ear at this point though -

Cardio is Hardio

Knocked out my 500 cals of MISS bright and early - driven by the fact that every time I knock a cardio session out, I'm one less cardio session away from being done with cardio. For realz. I can't wait to bulk. BUT - had another great day. Mood-wise, energy-wise - I'm liking how things have been shaping up so far this week. Hit 126.2lbs on the scale today and hoping to see that number continue to trend down until the comp. I'm happy with where my body is sitting but I do have some nagging areas I'd like to see tighten up just a smidgen. 1 day closer! TEN FRIGGIN DAYS OUT. Donuts are on the horizon.


Actually - in the best mood ever today. Had a great leg session (albeit lower volume) and had enough energy to rock my cardio sesh too. Hunger was under control today too - which is always a good thing! AND weighed in today at 126.7lbs so the bloat situation is evening out - which makes me VERY happy. And - and - and - and .... MY SUIT CAME! The ACTUAL suit that I ordered originally - and it's even more BEAUTIFUL in person than in the pictures... and I'm in love. It fits me like a glove. I put it on and looked in the mirror - and I SAW A FIGURE COMPETITOR. Excitement is KICKING IN! Checked in with coach and cardio has been bumped to 2500 cals this week. The fact that it's only ONE MORE WEEK

Week 18 Summary

Here's a look at Week 18 in it's entirety - we dropped HIIT training this week (Medium intensity only from this point forward!)

2 Weeks Out - Check In + Progress Pics

LOL don't even ask me why I'm looking up instead of forward. AWKWARD! Age: 32 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 2 Start Weight: 145.3lbs Last Week: 126.2lbs Current Weight: 126.7lbs Loss/Gain this week: +0.48lbs Total Loss: -18.6lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 129.27lbs This Week’s Average Weight: 127.84lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 36.5” Waist: 26” Hips: 36.5” Thigh: 23.5” Bicep: 12.5” Current Measurements: Chest: 35.0” Waist: 23.75” Hips: 32.25” (down 0.25" from last week) Thigh: 20” (down 0.25" from last week) Bicep: 11.75” (down 0.25" from last week) Current Macros: 160P / 115C / 30F Current Cardio: 2200 Calories of MISS / Week

Stay the Course!

Heading in to my last full week of regular workouts before PEAK WEEK! Can't believe it - Just need to stay on my game, keep getting as much rest/recovery as I can and hitting my macros/cardio/workouts like a boss. Finished up my remaining 550 cals of cardio for the week today - check in with coach tomorrow!

Sweet Relief.

TWO WEEKS TONIGHT - I will be ON STAGE. That's scary. It seems SO far away. And yet, too close for comfort. I have butterflies! I took a FULL rest day today - no cardio, no lifting. NADA. It was MUCH needed - if not for the sake of my barking joints and crampy muscles, at least for the sake of my mental health. I feel like a million bucks. I have my head back in the game - and I'm ready to crush the next 2 weeks. I did a little retail therapy today - went shopping to pick up items for my show-day bag! This certainly helped me get re-invigorated for the show... and was a solid reminder of just how close I really am at this point. Now... if my current bloat situation would only resolve... that

I Need a Win and I Needs it NOW

Weight was up to 129.0 after the refeed yesterday - and also from being on my feet all day walking around town. My knees were so swollen I could actually squish the water around with my fingers. So there's that! LOL! My body is just hating me right now. I'm bloated. Swollen. Sore. You reach a point in prep where it becomes unhealthy and unsustainable. I miss my energy so so so very much. I miss my strength. I am so eager to get back to a bigger variety of foods. I'm burning out. This has been the theme of the week. I'm feeling ok though - despite my strength and energy taking a hit this week, I'm feeling positive. I went out and started purchasing some items for my "show day bag" - which ren

Everything Hurts and I'm Dying

OK OK it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be. But I'm definitely not feeling good at this point. Had a small refeed today (250g carbs) so hopefully that will help coast me through the next week. I'm so close now. There's absolutely no turning back. I've been sleeping fine - but my body aches. My digestion is out of whack. I'm so unbelievably hungry 24/7. This is not the fun part of the process, I'll tell you that much. It is the time to DIG DEEP - I know that. Hit 300 cals on the stairs this morning, then another 100 on a dog walk this evening. Was also out all day with my mom showing her around town - walked ALL. DAY. LONG. I'm sure my calorie burn was up there. I'm gonna sleep like a r

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