Sunday FUNDAY!

ALRIGHT! It wouldn't be prep without a stick in the spokes right off the bat, right? Next week is going to be a little haywire - but nothing major. Basically Monday to Friday - I will be away from my homestead - and at a different gym... I'm going to keep my food menu super simple for the sake of ease. I've already planned out my macros for tomorrow and will likely just put the menu on repeat until Friday to keep it easy breezy until I'm back home and can do a proper meal prep (planning your meals a day or two in advance is a really great way to stay on track). I just hate switching up gyms - and figuring out new machines. It always sucks when you get in to a groove at a gym, you know where

16 Weeks Out - Let's DO THIS.

Here we effin' GO again! First official photos/weigh in/measurements - and we're off to the races! The show I'm competing in is called the BCABBA Popeye's Fall Classic. It's on November 18/17 in Vancouver, BC. NEW province = NEW organization (also new posing!) Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 16 Start Weight: 142.8lbs Current Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Macros: 150P / 180C / 50F <-- Coaches orders Current Cardio: 2000 Cals MISS / Week <-- Not mandatory at this time, but about what I've been averaging - given that it's summer and I LOVE HIKING! SO - why am I doing a 16 week prep this time around - as opposed to a 20 week'er like the las

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