PMS turns me in to a crazy person. It's official. I started the day with a high weigh in AGAIN (142.3lbs). Hit up my Coach to talk about where to go from here - and in a nut-shell, he told me to calm my tits and remain diligent/patient (which is exactly what I needed to hear, and 100% what I know I need to do) - as the INCHES ARE MOVING and the progress IS HAPPENING despite the stupid scale. I went to the gym - and took my frustration out on the iron - and had a REALLY great workout! BUT when I got home, the crazy just intensified. ALL THE FEELS. Emotional. Sad. Happy. Hungry. Tired. Then Happy again... repeat over and over through out the day.... I honesty felt like a different person had t

Feeling SO GOOD!

Just had an amazing, amazing day. One of those days where you feel awesome, the stars align, things go right. I'm a happy girl. I CAN'T even wrap my head around how quickly the days are passing though. Today freakin' FLEW. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea that I'm not going to be ready in time - probably because I weighed in at 142.7lbs today (WTF, SCALE!) - but I know those fears are normal for this stage in prep. I've barely scratched the surface and I know I have a lot of time to dial it in still. I had these same fears last year and I ended up ready several weeks out, so I know better than to stress over it this time around. Therefore, I'll leave it be. For now, I'm just fo

Ohhh Monday

Off to a rock solid start to the week! Checked in with coach - macros have changed slightly. Increase in protein and decrease in carbs, but no change to calories. So now I'm sitting at P170/C160/F50 The increase in protein is good with me - I love ma MEATS - but still have enough carbs left to fit in ALL the VEGGIES too! Today was a rest day from the gym but I did manage to slip away from a very busy day of work to squeeze in a quick hike this evening. Started this week off with a weigh-in of 139.9lbs - moving snail pace, but plenty of time left to dial it in. Too bad I'm impatient AF and want ALL the shreds RIGHT. NOW. Hahaha. Frick. Calm down Kait. That's not how this works.


Sure did get a finger stuck in a machine today - dang near took the tip off. Bled like a mofo! Luckily this was at the end of my workout, so I was able to get through everything on point up until that happened. Had another awesome sleep last night - ending this week on a high note! All in all - happy girl. Feel good, feeling strong - ready to tackle the next one like a champ! Let's GOOOOOO!!!!

12 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 12 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 12 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 139.6lbs Loss/Gain this week: -1.2lbs Total Loss: -3.2lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 140.1 Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Measurements: Chest: 38.25” (up ¼” from last week) Waist: 24.75” (down ¼” from last week) Hips: 33.75” (down ¼” from last week) Thigh: 21.0” (up ¼” from last week) Bicep: 12.75” Current Macros: 150P / 180C / 50F Current Cardio: 1700-2000 CALS MISS / Week -> Not mandatory at this time, but about what I’ve been averaging.


Got about 10 minutes in to my hike today and realized that training legs the day prior, followed by a massive uphill climb was not the best idea. I wanted so much to turn back - but I knew once I warmed up, the pain would subside. I was right. 2.5 hours later... I was broken. LMAO! But seriously - it was another solid day in the books for me. GREAT sleep again last night. I'm on a roll! New lines and new veins are starting to pop and I'm feeling good. Progress is happening! Over and OUT!


Had another really great, productive day! Knocked out a strong leg session this morning - got a little walk in with the pup this evening. Smashed work between. Hunger levels have been ok today - surprisingly so, because #legday :P Off for my bedtime ritual now - those Epsom salts are calling my name!

AAAND We're Back

Solid 9.5 hour sleep last night HALLELLURRRR! I went to bed super early last night - did the wind down ritual (power down all electronics, lavender epsom salt soak, a little reading) and I was out like a light. YAS! It did me a solid. Felt great today - finally got my bench back up to 140. My top bench was 145# 5x5 at the height of my bulk - so considering I'm 12 pounds lighter and benching bodyweight, I'm a happy girl! As I mentioned yesterday - I HATE pushing workouts back when I lose out on sleep but - I KNOW if I had gone in yesterday, it wouldn't have been productive. Today, I made up for it. Let's hope the strength continues to trend UP. 'Tis the goal! Got a nice little hike in with t


I realize I can't just push workouts back every time I miss out on a night of sleep in prep - but frankly, with the little sleep I got last night - going today would have been pointless. Didn't even get a hike in today. Feeling rough and needed to take a total rest day. In bed EARLY tonight. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be back on my game. Kept the macros and water intake on point though - which is an accomplishment when I'm THIS tired. Controlling what I can control.

Back ON IT

I suppose the roller coaster of ups and downs is typical of my normal day life too - not just in prep (obviously) but I think while in prep I'm a little more sensitive to my strength/energy/mood from day to day. I think because my last prep ended with several crappy weeks in a row - and it SUCKED... and that's what sticks out in my mind - I'm living in FEAR of those kinds of days this time around...and that's NOT the right mind-set to have. It's not abnormal to have an amazing prep from start to finish and feel fantastic the entire way through - I've seen it done. I've coached those who have done it. That should be the goal! It's not far fetched - and that should be my outlook on my own prep

One of those days...

Not the best start to my week mentally - but a SOLID workout this morning at least. Just one of those days - not feeling myself. Hormonal maybe? Who knows! I just hope it passes ASAP. The only thing I can do on days like today is push through. A proper sleep tonight should set me straight. Feedback from coach today - no changes to anything. I'm looking in the mirror and questioning if I'm making progress on schedule - even though I KNOW (and Coach says) that I am. Just need to trust that I'm on the right track, be patient and keep doing the work. Things will come together in time.

Much Needed Rest Day

I was initially planning on doing a big Pull session today but honestly, I'm pooped. Even after a solid 8 hour sleep. The benefit of having trained for so many years - and with 1 prep under my belt, I've gotten to know my body well - I know when I need to rest and when I need to push. So - today - I opted for a hike instead. It feels good to move - but hiking is far less taxing on the ol' bod than a deadlift session. Got a lot of housework done, as well as work work - and I even carved out some time to sit on my deck and enjoy a couple chapters of a book. All in all - a productive "rest" day. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be right as rain and ready to give'r on lifts again. Hit a new low of 139.3l

13 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 13 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 13 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 140.80lbs Loss/Gain this week: +1lbs Total Loss: -2lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 141.04lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 25” (down ½” from last week) Hips: 34” Thigh: 20.75” (down ¼” from last week) Bicep: 12.75” Current Macros: 150P / 180C / 50F Current Cardio: 1700-2000 CALS MISS / Week -> Not mandatory at this time, but about what I’ve been averaging.

Slammin' Saturday!

Lately I've been waking up at 5am in an attempt to get as much work accomplished in the AM before I head to the gym as possible... still doesn't free up my afternoon schedule as much as I'd hoped. BUT - it does allow me to get a solid workout in, hit some mobility drills AND go for a hike - which is all I need! I freaking LOVE waking up before the sun. I've been catching some EPIC sunrises when I take Russ out for his morning pee. I digress... I've been busy with work. Busy is good though. Busy means less time to worry about hunger. HOWEVER - it also means less time to PREP foods... which is yet another reason why I keep rotating the same meals over and over... One less thing to think about!


Had a magical 8.5 hour sleep last night - full of vivid dreams. Woke up feeling AMAZING. Hit a great push session today - strength continues to increase week on week it seems. I'm definitely getting back up to where I was strength-wise before I took my relaxed June/July (definitely lost some strength over the course of those two months...) At this rate, I should be setting rep PR's SOON. Ate the most delicious tenderloin steak for dinner tonight (logged under lunch) - omg, steak is hands down my favourite food EVER. I wish I could eat it every day but ... it AIN'T CHEAP! I felt a treat yo-self dinner was in order since this week has been a productive one. The little things in prep right? Wou

Newton's 3rd Law

I think I spoke too soon about my incredible week yesterday, LMAO! I can't help but laugh - I knew I would jinx it. Russ kept me up ALL night last night. I managed maybe an hour of sleep. I had one of those horrible days where mood is off, exhaustion is abundant and hunger is insatiable *shakes fists at the universe* I was supposed to meet a friend at the gym for leg day today - had to call it off. On no sleep, I knew the workout wouldn't be effective. So I opted instead, for a cardio day. Got a hike in this morning, and then walked Russ again this evening. Anything to keep my mind off of food. It worked. Stuck to my macros. All in all, an OK day on paper. I'll be going to bed super early to


I'm on top of the friggin' world today. I had the best workout - just felt amazing through out. I'm not talking about setting any amazing PR's or anything like that - but just HOW I was feeling - strong, energetic, healthy - ready to conquer. I love days like this. I cherish them. These are the days that I truly LOVE the process so much. Not a dang negative thing to say. Let's hope there are many more like this one to come....


WRECKED. I actually pushed today's deadlift session to tomorrow because my ass is so wrecked. Damn booty work always gets me! EVERY TIME. I went for a hike today in lieu of the gym ... "active rest" - probably wasn't any better for the ol' legs but it felt good to move, so I rolled with it. I'm so incredibly thankful to work a job that allows me to break away mid-day for this kind of thing. Had an awesome climb up a new route on a mountain - I spent some time pondering at the summit while taking in a glorious view. We've been socked in with smoke from the wild fires for the last couple of weeks - it's nice to see blue sky again! I will definitely be repeating this hike - and soon. They don'

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