It was raining and cold when I woke up, so I figured I'd get my cardio done at the gym today. Got a great sweat session in on the stairs - and felt GOOD through out! I'm still stuffed up but feeling so much better as each day goes on. Got a tonne knocked off my to-do list today - and will be tucking in to bed super early again tonight. Need to kick this cold for GOOD! Epic FRIDAY night, hey! Ahhh, prep life. Sleep has to be my priority right meow, what can I say.

Just. Keep. Going.

Feeling like a hot mess STILL - really wishing this cold would take a hike. Well enough to train but it truly does suck the energy for the rest of the day. My workouts so far this week have been surprisingly good despite it all - which is a bonus! Being sick while in prep sucks. But it is what it is. Can't wait to have my ability to breath back LOL!


I am STILL siiiiiiick (Pretty sure it's a #mancold - cause I am hurting! 😂😂😂). I am PMS-ing HARD I am running on 2-3 hours of sleep thanks to a restless dog And yet somehow - I still rocked my workout! I made it my mission to go in to the gym and go as hard as I possibly could - use every ounce of energy just to make each rep count... That's what I did. Kait 1, Prep 0 Today was a good day! Now if only this cold would F off!

On the Up n' Up

Starting to feel like a human again! Managed a workout today - it felt strong, but ... definitely took me a while to get through it. At 7.5 weeks out - I can't complain. It was around 4-5 weeks out in my last prep that I really noticed strength start to take a hit - and energy dip big time. My goal is obviously to not let that happen this time around. I think staying on top of sleep is going to be a big part of that. Ample rest and recovery is crucial. All in all - a pretty successful day - and I'm so thankful to be feeling like I'm kicking this sickness!

Stillllllll sick. But Stillllll Going.

Patiently waiting for this sickness to F right off! Figured I would attempt to sweat it out on the stairs today... Felt pretty dang good afterwards too! But - progressively more stuffed up as the day went on. I'll just continue to do what I can to fight it. Sleep. Hydrate. Fill the macros with nutrient dense foods. Hoping I'll feel well enough to rock a workout tomorrow. And if not... I might just have to suck it up and do it anyway (which I probably will....)


Decided I was feeling well enough to go in and push through a workout. Strength was down. Energy was crap. Just not feeling good today. Hopefully I can get over this hump soon. Hurtin.

8 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

It's amazing what being sick can do to your physique. Even my face is swollen. Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 8 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 8 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 136.4lbs Loss/Gain this week: +0.7lbs Total Loss: -6.4lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 137.2lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Measurements: Chest: 37.5” Waist: 24.5” Stomach: 26.75” (down ¼ ” from last week) Hips: 33” Thigh: 20.5” Bicep: 12.75” Current Macros: 170P / 130C / 40F Current Cardio: 1200 Calories of LOW INTENSITY (walking)

AAAND she's down for the count.

Woke up with my throat on fire. Dragged my butt to the gym - and wanted so very much to get through my workout. I tried. I really did. Started feeling achy and feverish while I warmed up... and then it all went south. SUPER. SICK. UGH. But - better now than in 5 weeks from now. That's the positive thought I'm holding on to. No workout for me today - but managed to get my macros in at least. It's 7pm - I've been in bed the majority of the day - about to tuck in for the night too. Let's hope we can sleep this sucker off.


I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't for the life of me fall back asleep - SO - just decided to get up and work. Got a nice (long) hike in with the pup today but I am feeling DRAINED. Russ has been sleeping ALL DAY - so I think I drained him too! Hitting legs tomorrow so I'm turning in super early tonight to get caught up on the sleep I missed out on. All in all a good day though - got lots accomplished! Ready to finish this week STRONG! 8 weeks out tomorrow!

So good!

Caught up on my sleep and crushed a workout today - followed by 20 minutes of posing! Feeling fine and dandy once again! Gotta say - this prep has been amazing so far. I swear, most days I don't even feel like I'm "in prep". And I'm loving all these new cuts and lines I'm seeing on the daily! Could not ASK for more for where I'm sitting - and SO freaking amped for the next 8 weeks! It's gonna go by SO QUICK! Savouring every good day I have - and staying focussed on self-care. As always! On that note - I'm off for my wind-down routine right MEOW!

It happened.

Welp. It was bound to happen at some point. Next to NO sleep last night - but not due to anything in my control. Unfortunately Russ was sick and up all night (I'll spare you the nitty gritty but let's just say we spent a lot of time outside!) Poor boy. He's feeling better now! SO - obviously, very tired today. Decided to push my gym session to tomorrow instead - even though it was just an upper (shoulders/arms) I knew it wasn't going to be a good session. The day turned out to be a productive one, though - I figured if I wasn't going to hit the gym, I might as well get all of the stuff I needed to get done off my 'to-do' list... So lots of work. Bills paid. Errands done. Lots of running arou

Coffee is the answer.

CAFFEINATED the heck out of myself today - kicked it in to high gear to get through a workout I was dreading. I always seem to loathe the idea of leg days and then when I get going, I'm good. It's just a mind over matter situation. Really great day today! Feeling fantastic. Almost at the half way point and I'm starting to get SUPER excited! Making an effort to practice posing for at least 10-15 minutes after each session from this point on... No issues with hunger so far - actually feeling very satiated with this menu! Happy camper!

Killing it!

I can't believe how awesome my sleep has been lately! Freaking OWNING it! Going to bed at the same time every night, waking up at the same time - staying in a routine - it's definitely helping. Loving life right now! The days that don't feel like prep - are the best days - and they're happening more often than not lately... so I'm pumped! Everything is on point! SORE AS SHIT from posing yesterday - but nothing a nice Epsom Salt soak won't cure. On deck for this evening - and off to bed to read! I'm getting great feedback from people around me on my physique - I'm feeling filled with confidence. Almost at the half way point of this prep - and ready to kick it in to overdrive! LEGGOOOOO!

That's a WRAP!

Aside from being 100% BROKEN from my posing session tonight - ending this week on a high note! Feeling AWESOME. Got some great feedback on where my physique is sitting from the posing coach - I'm filled with confidence and ready to kick this next week in the ass. Rest day today - but I got a hike in with the pup in the AM. Then posing this evening (which is a workout in itself.) I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow. But - it's all part of the fun :D

9 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 9 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 9 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 135.7lbs Loss/Gain this week: -2.5lbs Total Loss: -7.1lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 138.16lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Measurements: Chest: 37.5” (down ¾” from last week) Waist: 24.5” (down ¼” from last week) Stomach: 27” Hips: 33” (down ¾” from last week) Thigh: 20.5” (down ½” from last week) Bicep: 12.75” Current Macros: 170P / 130C / 40F Current Cardio: 1200 Calories of LOW INTENSITY (walking)


REALLY great day today. Feeling fantastic. Energy is on POINT! Was dreading leg day today but once I got started - I got in to it. Rocked a solid session with a friend! Got a quick hike in with the puppers too - squeezing it in before the rain comes tomorrow! Rain is rain - I'm just so happy I'm not dealing with epic snowstorms, blizzards, frozen cars and insane bus schedules this time around. Sure makes for an easier prep - I tell ya! I am freaking excited - every time I look in the mirror I'm noticing more definition. My body is just responding BEAUTIFULLY in the last couple of weeks. Took my measurements today - down everywhere except my arms - which is blowing me away! I'm actually retai


MAN - back in the game. Woke up today with SO much energy - just feeling FANTASTIC! Feeling great through my workouts - strength is on point. Body is on point. Hunger is not an issue. Cravings are zero. I love these days! I feel like I can conquer the world! I'm gonna finish this week STRONG.


Rest day today - got a hike in with the pup and I'm feeling back to my self. On point, head in the game - eyes down and laser focus from here on out. I've got my first posing session with a coach scheduled for Sunday and I can't wait! I'm going to take my heels to the gym tomorrow for a little practice after my workout *EXCITED!*

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