I can't even believe it's here. I'm so excited. So nervous. So anxious. But SO ready. I weighed in today at 131.2lbs which puts me a whopping 12.2lbs over last years stage weight - and hopefully with MUCH improvement. Measurements are up where I want them and down where I want them and I'm looking the part! All of the hard work, diligence, sacrifice - it was all for this one day. And I already know it was worth the work. Prep - as hard as it is - is a beautiful experience in the end. Rewarding, regardless of placement. And a valuable learning tool to boot. It doesn't just make me a better, more well-rounded coach - it makes me a better person. And I truly love it. If you've been following al

Week #16: Summary

And here's a look at my peak week up to today - as tomorrow I won't be logging (macros may or may not change based on coaches instructions... taking it a day at a time at this point!)

2 Days Out: Final Measurements

I'm going to leave the "final package" pictures off for now - but here are my final measurements before I head to Vancouver in the morning! No changes in the last few days but - definitely tightening up in all the right areas with the water load. I'm sitting in a good spot as far as coach is concerned... Let's see if it's enough! Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Days Out: 2 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 2 Days Out – Thursday) : 131.2lbs Loss/Gain this week: -2.0lbs Total Loss: -11.6lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 132.69lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Final Measurements: Chest: 37.5” Waist: 23.0” Stomach: 25.

3 Days - REFEED

Crazy how food can make you feel and function like a normal person LMAO - I didn't even realize how bad the brain fog had gotten until I slammed meal #1 today - which contained more carbs than what I've been eating every entire DAY for the last 16 weeks. I could feel the food in my system IMMEDIATELY. My brain started working again, energy went UP - I got quite a bit of work accomplished, tonnes of tasks/errands - let's just say it was very productive day! I feel great! I got my nails done today - and took care of the wax. I also received my tanning - and hair/makeup times for the day before/of - so I'm all scheduled and ready to get this show on the road. Tomorrow is packing, house work - a

4 Days.

Today I finished my last workout of this prep - I'm overcome with a huge sense of pride, yes - but also starting to feel a hint of the post show blues (and the show hasn't even happened yet!) but I know in a few days I'll have more insight and direction on where to go from here... It's been just shy of 17 months since I last stepped off stage - and every day between then and now has been focussed on one thing: improvement. I truly believe that I have done every thing I possibly can to bring my absolute best to this comp. Anxious and eager to see what happens but regardless of the outcome, I'm so bloody proud of myself. I trained hard. I've pushed myself beyond what I even knew I was

5 Days.

80g of carbs today and I'm feeling it. Maybe it's mental.... honestly FEARING my 50g tomorrow. I know I'm gonna be hungry AF. I dunno how the heck people survive on less than 100g of carbs on the regular... It seems like cruel and unfair punishment LMAO! That said - at least I'm not rocking heavy workouts right now... I went in for a quick depletion workout this morning - and 60-70% of what I normally lift, felt like 110% of what I normally lift. No gas in the tank to push heavy weights right now.... But I should stop whining - because the carb up is but a mere 1 day away.... Wednesday is going to be like Xmas... BETTER than Xmas. I'm going to be drunk on carbs. I can't wait. Busy day with


AAAAND we're done with LEG DAYS. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Can't even begin to express how freakin' happy I am to be done - because my energy is crashing, I'm tired, I'm burnt - and I can't imagine having to muster up any more lower sessions at this point. With that, ends my heavy training - this next week is just a couple of pump sessions with lighter weight, higher reps - and then I'm done. The work - is DONE. Now to just survive these next two days of lower carbs.... food (ENERGY) is on the horizon. Can't believe we're ALMOST there! I'm happy with where things are sitting at the moment - although it's a bit of a mind-F watching your body change by the hour. I'll have abs one second and the next, th

1 Week Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 1 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 1 Week Out – Saturday) : 133.2lbs Loss/Gain this week: -0.2lbs Total Loss: -9.6lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 133.1lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Measurements: Chest: 37.5” Waist: 23.0” Stomach: 25.25” (down ¼” from last week) Hips: 31.5” Thigh: 20.0” (down ¼” from last week) Bicep: 12.5” Current Macros: 170P / 130C / 40F Current Cardio: 1200 Calories of LOW INTENSITY (walking) – Averaging closer to 1800-2000 though.


1 FREAKIN' WEEK OUT!!! Last heavy upper done and dusted and I'm happy to say my strength is STILL on par! 9 hour sleep last night did me a huge solid :) Getting my 7L in - focussing on hitting macros, rocking the cardio - and that's the game plan every day.... I received my peak week plan from coach today... GOODBYE carbs LOL - at least until Wednesday. It's gonna go like this: Sunday: 100g of Carbs Monday: 80g of Carbs (upper depletion/pump workout) Tuesday: 50g of Carbs (upper depletion/pump workout {LAST WORKOUT!}) Wednesday: REFEED -> 500g of Carbs Am I scared? Yes. Am I excited? Also yes. Today and Tomorrow are my last days of 7L of water / day - on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday it drops bac


Nice little combo of anxiety, hunger and a restless dog - AND peeing every 2 hours... kept me up ALL night last night - and I am FEELING it today. Dressed for the gym, grabbed my bag, drove TO the gym and then.... just couldn't pull myself together for my session. Instead, I ended up running ALL of the errands I had scheduled for tomorrow, today - so got that all off my plate... TOMORROW - I will do today's workout. I'm still on schedule - all good. I have a feeling I'll be taking a sleeping pill tonight cause I can't even with any more restless nights. They kill me every time. Macros on point. Got a good cardio session in today... Everything else is good - just need to get my shit together

She's ALIVE!

ALIVE AND WELL - and grinding. MAN am I ever. Second to last leg day done and dusted today and happy to say my strength is STILL kicking! I was comparing some of my lifts to what I was doing back in August towards the start of my prep - and I have improved on a whole heck of a lot of them. Which is mind-boggling. These kinds of days fill my heart with pride. I am so happy to have made it this far - and not only made it - but given 100% of myself. I have WORKED for this one. Excitement is kicking IN. Feeling about 250% better than I was at this point in last year's prep. Today was a good day. (Oh - also I slept for a good 8.5 hours last night... soooooooo that helps :P )

Feeling Off.

Just not feeling good today and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe because I'm water logged and feel puffy and gross - and flat - and just not seeing any definition or lines. It's a bit of a mind-F. That aside, energy was just not there today. Pushed my leg session to tomorrow so I could focus on self care today. Did NOT get a good sleep last night (up to pee every couple of hours) and I'm sure that's a BIG part of it. Also switching up some of my foods and my volume has gone down (no more protein fluff to keep me full) so the hunger is very real today. ' Talked to coach a bit about my peak week plan and more food is on the horizon.... but not before less food unfortunately. Sounds like carb


The closer the show gets, the farther away it feels - I guess it's like watching a pot boil, right? When you're counting the minutes... they CRAWL. Perhaps because I spend half my day in the bathroom... doesn't help anything. VERY annoying. When you have to plan your hike around available Porta-Potties... it complicates things LOL! But we're getting there. Strength is still holding TOUGH. Just need to dial it in over the course of the next 10 days and then we're THERE. Can't even believe it's NEXT FREAKING WEEK. Excitingggggggg!!!!


Here we go! Feedback from coach this week - workouts are coming down to 4 sessions and water intake is going UP to 7L per day from now until the show. That's faaaairly close to what I've been consuming on the regular anyway - maybe a L over... so it shouldn't be TOO hard to manage. But basically, I live in the bathroom. Macros and cardio are staying the same. I took a FULL rest day today - no gym. No cardio. No posing. Nothing. I just focussed on work - and hit my macros. I needed it and I'm sure my body will thank me for it. I'm gonna be ready to rock this last week of workouts (next week, volume comes down even more...) Just need to stay the course and keep everything tightly dialled in. B

Busy Busy!

Starting to feel the excitement kick in... nerves, adrenaline... It's great - it definitely carries me through tough workouts. I love this feeling... and it just gets better and more intense from here... So although I'm emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually - exhausted - in every way possible - I know I've got the gas in the tank to finish strong. Counting down the workouts now... No time to slow down! Another week DONE and DUSTED!

2 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Age: 33 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 2 Start Weight: (At 16 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 142.8lbs Current Weight (At 2 Weeks Out – Saturday) : 133.4lbs Loss/Gain this week: +1lbs Total Loss: -9.4lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: 133.3lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38” Waist: 26” Hips: 35” Thigh: 21” Bicep: 12.75” Current Measurements: Chest: 37.5” Waist: 23.0” (down ½” from last week) Stomach: 25.5” (down ¼” from last week) Hips: 31.5” (down ½” from last week) Thigh: 20.25” (up ¼” from last week) Bicep: 12.5” Current Macros: 170P / 130C / 40F Current Cardio: 1200 Calories of LOW INTENSITY (walking) – Averaging closer to 1800-2000 though.

2/4 Legs DONE

#2 of my last 4 leg days done and DUSTED. Feels SO good. I think the volume of my leg days will start coming down now as the show approaches - so I gave this one every thing I had. I mean... I give them all everything I have... but this one was a benchmark. I dug so damn deep. I just keep pulling energy from God knows where to get through these workouts - and it's working. Strength is STILL on point. Maybe even the highest it's been for my main lifts... definitely up there. I'm a happy camper - repping 225 for 6 sets of 8, when 2 weeks out of my last show I could barely move 185... That tells me something. Something good. Regardless of the outcome of this show - I'm going in to my off-season


I felt very ZEN today. I think it was partially my exhausted body and partially my prep brain - I kind of felt stoned/drunk all day. At peace? How's that for an update LOL I don't even know how to describe it. Regardless, it was nice. Rest day from the gym - got in an hour or so of hiking. And lots of walking around getting errands done too. Activity level was sky high once again. It's definitely pushing the progress forward as I'm seeing new cuts and lines every time I look in the mirror. It's bloody ass cold here. 2 degrees C today, but with low body fat, that basically feels like -30. I'm about to hop in a nice hot epsom salt soak and call it a day. Tomorrow.... LEG DAY DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN.

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