Much Needed Rest Day

Today I soaked in Epsom salts TWICE - I am SORRRRRE. Not hungry though, so I'll take what I can get. I did get Russ out for a nice hike this morning - brrr, it was frikken cold. I'm over winter. The hike was great though, loosened up these legs - hopefully I'll be ready for my next leg day by Friday. Pretty run of the mill day today - just running around getting errands/work knocked out. I can't believe how quickly the days are flying by! ON to the next!


Nothing better than an epic pump during a workout - and seeing some new cuts/lines in the upper body - to get ya hecka motivated! REALLY solid lift today and just felt GOOD all around. Must have been that 9 hour sleep last night! Feeling extremely satisfied and well powered through my day with these meals - hence the repetition. It's working for me so I'll stick with it! Love those morning PROATS! Solid day! Bring on the rest of the week!

Monday Funday!

Woke up at 4:30AM after a 4.5 hour sleep (oops!) - so I was a little worried about how today was going to go/feel ... but I surprised myself. Knocked out a great leg session, tackled my busy work day, kept hunger at bay (usually it's way up after a night of crappy sleep) and I'm feeling good! Early to bed for me tonight though...

Week 1 in the BAG

And I'm feeling FINE! Strength was piss poor today but - I'm sure it will be back up soon. On to the NEXT! Sent progress photos to coach (ME! lol) and she said NO CHANGES :P

16 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Age: 34 Height: 5’8” Weeks Out: 16 Start Weight: 161.1lbs Last Week: N/A Current Weight: 151.9lbs Loss/Gain this week: -9.2lbs Total Loss: -9.2lbs Last Week’s Average Weight: N/A This Week’s Average Weight: 155.6lbs Start Measurements: Chest: 38. 5” Waist: 27.5” Hips: 37.5” Thigh: 24.5” Bicep: 13.0” Current Measurements: Chest: 38.5” Waist: 26.0” (down 1.5”) Hips: 36.75” (down 0.75”) Thigh: 23.0” (down 1.5”) Bicep: 13.0” Current Macros: 170P / 170C / 45F Current Cardio: None

Down Down She Goes

Weighed in at 152.2lbs today. I don't think I've ever dropped water like this before; HOWEVER, during my cycle I've been known to fluctuate a good 7-8lbs on occasion, so big swings on the scale like this aren't new to me. The body is an interesting unit! Rest day today, but I got a good hike in with the pup in the morning. Running around ALL day (I'm over 20K steps today) so all of that movement should help keep things trucking along! Feeling REALLY good about how this first week has gone!

Holding Steady!

Honestly though after some rehydration, the scale would go back up - but I'm still sitting at 154.2 today. This is good - water is off and staying off! Solid back workout today - fewer exercises but 5 sets on almost all. Volume was there and strength is feeling good. I pulled 125 on lat pull down for 8 solid reps - that's about as heavy as I've pulled on those in ... I think ever! So, definitely encouraging!

Feeling GOOD!

MAN. Scale came down to 154.3lbs today. Water is dropping like hot cakes!!! Admittedly I didn't drink as much yesterday as I knew I'd be sitting in a classroom for 3 hours last night... so that weigh in was dry - but still good to see. Looking like it's gonna be closer to 20lbs to take off for the stage, instead of 30 - so I'm feeling way more confident in my ability to tackle prep in the time-frame I gave myself (without having to get too aggressive). Solid leg day today - strength is coming back up after nursing a glute strain for a couple of weeks (although I played it super safe on hip thrusts). PHEW. Back in my groove and feeling FINE! Hunger is non-existent which is the most surprising


Hump day! Pretty standard day for me - started the morning off with a good walk with the pup - and then got down to work. Rest day from the gym - so the focus was just hitting macros. Done and done! As you can see, my menu is basically on rinse and repeat this week. Actually it likely will be for the majority of prep. These were foods I typically ate in my off-season - just in larger quantities. Sticking to what I know - which makes shopping and food prep a breeze! KISS <-- Keep It Simple Stupid! The easiest way to stay on top of food. Why complicate things? Do I get bored? NOPE! Creature of habit here! It's how I roll. Annual First Aid update this evening - and then BED! Up early tomorrow t

Off to a SOLID Start!

Welp, water is a-droppin'! Down 2.6lbs already. Totally expected as a result of slashing calories as much as I did. Hopefully that continues through out the week so I can get a more accurate idea of where my true weight is sitting. Nice upper body session today - rest day tomorrow, but a huge to-do list to get through. Staying busy is the name of the game. Not feeling the deficit at ALL - thank the sweet heavens I know how to maximize volume! Very satisfying menu - hunger is not an issue. ON to the next!

First Day in the Bag

First official day of prep is done and dusted. Macros on point (P170/C170/F45) and I hit a decent lower session. I managed to screw up my right glute during squats two weeks ago - so I've been nursing the weights on lower sessions ever since. I just want this damn thing healed - and not lingering - so I can get back to pushing HEAVY! I'm feeling really positive about this year's prep. I'm SO ready to cut down and see what I'm working with. Topping 2017's look is my BIG goal here. Ya'll know I'm gunning for a first place trophy but - regardless of how I place - any improvements = a WIN to me. You know how we do! This is gonna be a hell of a ride. HERE WE GO! (I'll be discussing more of the in

17 Weeks Out: Measurements + Progress Pics

Well well well, here we go again!!! Today marks the first "official" day of prep, sitting just under 17 weeks out to the Vancouver Island Showdown on June 15, 2019. I AM SOOOOOO FRIKKEN READY! This is the heaviest I've ever been in an off-season. Last year I peaked around 154lbs - I rocked a quick mini-cut in the Spring, which put me around 142lbs to start my prep in the Summer. This year, I peaked in early February at 164 - sitting at 161.1 today. No mini-cuts in this off-season... so, I am beefy. So beefy in fact, that my yellow shorts don't even fit lololol But it's all part of the process. It's temporary, and THAT was the comforting thought that got me through the last few months of this

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