May 23, 2019

Low energy day today but somehow managed to pull a leg day and a 12K hike off. 

AND MY SUIT CAME! That upped the excitement level for SURE. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to rock it on stage :) 

Leg day was a little random due to a super finicky QUAD strain that keeps re...

November 12, 2017


Last heavy upper done and dusted and I'm happy to say my strength is STILL on par! 9 hour sleep last night did me a huge solid :) 

Getting my 7L in - focussing on hitting macros, rocking the cardio - and that's the game plan every day....  

I r...

October 31, 2017

To be honest - I am not happy with where my physique is sitting currently. I know I'm water logged thanks to TOM hormonal stuff.. I know today was a bad day to try on my suit. 

But I'm not happy. 

Actually, my confidence is rocked. 

But I know a lot can happen in 3 weeks...

May 20, 2016

Getting this cardio knocked out step by step, moment by moment, day by day. Fuelled by the fact that I'm a mere 9 DAYS  OUT. 


500 cals knocked out today. Hit a new low of 124.5lbs on the scale! I think it's safe to say my bloat situation has resolved. 



May 17, 2016

Actually - in the best mood ever today. Had a great leg session (albeit lower volume) and had enough energy to rock my cardio sesh too. Hunger was under control today too - which is always a good thing! AND weighed in today at 126.7lbs so the bloat situation is evening...

May 13, 2016

Weight was up to 129.0 after the refeed yesterday - and also from being on my feet all day walking around town. My knees were so swollen I could actually squish the water around with my fingers. So there's that! LOL! 


My body is just hating me right now. I'm bloat...

May 7, 2016

Holy moly.... My workouts are just sucking me dry of energy.


It's seriously struggle bus city this week... but I'm gonna buck up. I know it's likely hormonal too - 'tis that time of the month when my emotions like to play tricks on me. 


It will pass - just gotta power...

April 28, 2016

UGH. I knew today was going to be a rough one because I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. Thanks to my party dog.


At least the scale wasn't UP this morning - but it was still stuck on 133.9lbs once again. 


The GOOD thing is - I had another posing session with my p...

April 25, 2016

No word of a lie - I am peeing every 5 minutes. In an effort to do my part for the environment and conserve water, I have simply stopped flushing.


Seriously. I've consumed about 8L of water today just to keep myself full. 




I did this to myself - but...

April 5, 2016

Here's a look at week 12 in it's entirety! 



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