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"I don't think anything I put into words will accurately convey my gratitude towards Kait for all help, guidance and support.


After devoting myself to my family and 2 young children for the past 5 years I was left with no time to look after myself. I was happy but not healthy. I decided to slowly get back into exercise and tried various forms of exercise including crossfit and pilates and experimented with clean eating and paleo without much success.


I stumbled across a reference to iifym on an Internet forum last year where I came across pictures of some amazing transformations. One in particular was Kait and I immediately knew I needed to contact her. Competing on stage was always a bit of a bucket list achievement to me that just became a reality thanks to Kait.


She was my lifeline throughout the whole process, she was constantly there to offer help, support, advice, guidance, and encouragement and truly made this whole experience so enjoyable. I have learnt so much in the past 20 weeks working with Kait about exercise and nutrition and about my body, but the real lesson has been learning how mentally and physically strong and disciplined I can be with the right support around me.


I placed 5th in my division. I went on to compete again 3 months later under Kait's guidance  - and I placed FIRST! I will be continuing as a client with Kait and have my sights firmly set on new goals. I can't wait to continue working with Kait and see where it takes me. She is absolutely my number 1 inspiration!" - Nadia 

"Kait has been absolutely wonderful! I was definitely into fitness but wanted to take myself to the next level. I wanted to bulk up and gain some muscle but was afraid to do it myself and needed someone to 'hold my hand' so to speak. 

Kait did that - and more - and was there to help me every step of the way to get to where I am now. She not only gave me the tools and info I needed to achieve this, but was there for me mentally as well! This is the toughest part of the game- and she was there to remind me of what I was after and that I was on the right track! This is the part I had struggled with in the past and without Kait’s coaching, I probably would have given up or just put my goal aside because it was 'too hard'. 

I could always get in contact with her and ask any questions I had and she was always quick to respond. I am so thankful that I found Kait and I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is serious about achieving their fitness goals!" - Cheryl

"Kait was always up front with me and listened to me. She used her knowledge to design a program that gave me the results I wanted and always pushed me and supported me when I needed it.


She was never out of reach for very long and has always been very good with answering all my "why does this happen" questions. Kait knows her stuff and is right there with you through the entire process. I would recommend her a million times over!" - Jen

 "I've always wanted to be that guy that walks into the room and stuns everyone, but sadly when I first started out, I was going in the complete opposite direction. I weighed in at 126lbs at 5"4-1/2. I was unhappy, hungry, and wasting time spinning my wheels. 

I came to Kait hoping that she would just give me a little tip or two. But instead she went over the top, above and beyond. She decided to take me under her wing and guide me. I've learned so much from Kait, from nutrition, muscle development...even life coaching! 

Whenever I ask a question she's always there to quickly respond and if she doesn't know the answer, she'll do as much research as possible to find one. When I come to her stressed, she sets me straight, gets my mind refocused and she pushes me through it! 

I've been working with kait for about 16 months and I've never been happier, healthier or stronger!" - Zach

“After reading some positive comments in a Facebook group I decided to contact Kait to help me get ready for my wedding.

After answering all of her questions, she sent me my workout and macro plan. I also received daily log to fill in. I checked in with her every week with my measurements and progress pics. This accountability helped me to stick to the plan. My strength even increased during my cut! 


can tell you, she's an awesome coach. She knows what she is doing and is honest when you ask her for advice.

I was sooo happy with how I looked on my wedding day. But it's not over yet! I want to become the best I can be. 

The last 12 weeks weren't easy, but so worth it! Looking forward to what else I (we) can achieve!" - Els 

"I just wanted to thank you so much for being a magnificent and inspiring coach. You helped me get through my first muscle gaining (“bulking”) phase and encouraged me to keep going even when I felt like quitting. This was because you realized what was best for me. You could’ve easily allowed me to begin dieting down at that time, but you truly saw my potential and had my best interest at heart. I truly appreciate your candor and integrity when it comes to coaching and finding the proper route that suits me best to meet my individual goals. Without your help, I would’ve quickly thrown in the towel.

January 1, 2015, was when we entered our journey to shred the fat and it’s been an awesome experience. Not only did I lean out, but I feel I kept much of the hard earned muscle I’d worked so hard to gain. Had it not been for your expertise, I would’ve simply run myself to death cardio-bunny style and ended up right back where I began which was skinny-fat, or in other words scrawny.
I have learned so much about myself and the proper way to lose weight instead of the unhealthy fast ways that were full of gimmicks and fat burners. Better yet, there were no silly supplements to buy, no waist trainers, no food restrictions and no mindless hours of cardio. I have to say I was shocked to see I could keep my calories as high as I did and do such little cardio to lean out, as well as eat my favorite foods every day like pizza!

So thank you for all of your support, your dedication to me as a client, pushing me when I needed it and your forthcoming straight-talk. Without your guidance, I would’ve never made such progress. You’re so much more than “just a coach” and I’m so thankful for it all." - Lesa

"Working with Kait during prep for my last bikini comp was a really great experience.


She is always available to answer questions and her response time is amazing. Kait is always supportive and encouraging, but will also give you a push when needed.


She really knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach!" - Colleen

"I remember one of the things I asked Coach Kait when I first started with her, was if she would be able to help me look like a bikini competitor. At that time I told her I wasn’t really thinking of doing a competition but I would definitely like to have a bikini bod. Of course she was so positive and said, yes, we can accomplish that goal. 

Well, as Coach Kait helped me transform my body with her programming, macros, and guidance, I became more confident in the gym (and outside of the gym as well). I was so happy with my progress that I thought "hmmmm, maybe I should do a bikini comp????" Hahaha at my age (46), who would ever think I would be able to get up on a stage and compete half naked in a bikini?

Well, guess what folks? Never say never, because I decided to take a chance, to challenge myself and become that 46 year old bikini competitor. Yess! And I’m guessing people who knew me personally as the shy and quiet accountant type would never think that I would ever decide to do such a thing, even my husband was a bit in shock when I told him what I wanted to do! 

So, I asked Kait if she thought I would be able to compete? Of course, she said yes and was so positive and supportive and was even excited that had I had made that decision. I wanted to compete in April 2016 but at the end of July 2015 I had a major setback, small bowel obstruction emergency surgery. I was out of the gym for 8 weeks. I thought my competition goal was done.  

When I was finally able to get back into my macros and lifting I asked Coach Kait again if I would still be able to compete. She said YES! I picked a later show date and WE MADE IT HAPPEN!

So, after going through a cut, a surgery, recovery and then prep, which all took place in a little over a year….. I stepped on the stage at 46 years old - and competed in Master’s Bikini in Hawaii on June 18, 2016. 

Coach Kait of MajorGainz made it happen for me! 

I won the OVERALL title for Master’s Bikini at the Ikaika Championships 2016!!!! 

I can’t thank Coach Kait enough, she is a macro genius! And a wonderful and super supportive coach! 

After my competition, I decided to stick with Coach Kait, and now I’m in a lean building stage. I tested my one rep max numbers the other day and can’t believe how strong I’ve become. When I first started I could barely squat the bar or even deadlift the bar. Now, I can squat AND deadlift over 200 pounds. I’m amazed and so so happy with how far I’ve come being able to lift that much knowing I’m such a 'tiny little old lady' ;)

I’m thinking of doing another competition in 2017 - on the National Stage this time since I’m qualified. 

I’m going for it with Coach Kait leading the way. No matter what happens in my next competition, I’m so proud to say Kait of Major Gainz Fitness is MY COACH!" - Wynne 

"I started my fitness journey on November 2nd 2015. I was a newbie, not quite sure of how it all worked, had never been in a gym before, typical yo yo dieter. I guessed a lot and still felt pretty lost with the whole thing so I got a friend to help me in the gym but still felt really lost in the diet department and wanted the advice from a reputable coach.


In January I got lucky and stumbled across this lovely lady, Kait. I contacted her and got all the details based off of my personal goals and at first I felt overwhelmed but Kait made it as smooth of a process as possible (lots of new information, processes, instructions). I started with nutrition only to nutrition and a workout plan.

Physically, Kait helped me shed a total of 30 lbs and many inches, gain an incredible amount of muscle AND strength, perfect lifts that I once had poor form with (yes all online).

Of course everyone expects physical changes to happen when they hire a coach, but what about mental? This one I wasn't expecting.

Mentally, Kait has taught me to love myself and my body, to be adventurous, to smile, to not give a darn about what others may think, that food is ok and to not punish yourself for what you eat. She has taught to me that you'll have setbacks and that it's ok and to just keep going.

My original goal was to lose weight but now after being educated I feel that it's not about the weight anymore. It's about feeling good in your own skin, feeling strong. I have now decided to add to the muscle I've already gained and am now having Kait guide me through the bulking process. Since transforming my body I've done a boudoir photo shoot and was the ring girl for the MMA fights in my hometown and my next goal is to compete in a bikini competition.

Kait is understanding, yet tough when you need it. She keeps you accountable. She has a great sense of humor and a drive to help others. Thousands of miles away and all online she has impacted my life in ways she may never understand. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do!" - Je Anna

"After searching for the right coach for me, I finally found Kait! 


My main goal was to place top 3 in a figure competition and thats exactly what she helped me do. Placing 3rd and 4th in my 2 categories,brought my best package to date!


Prepping with her has been unlike any other training I have ever received, she showed me how enjoyable prep can be through flexible dieting. Everything from my nutritional plan to my cardio was dialed in for my specific needs. 


She cared for my well being, not just a quick fix to get results, and she was there every step of the way.


I cant wait to see what we achieve together in our next adventure heading into Provincials in 2018!"  - Charlene

"40 Freaking Pounds Lost!

Today, I’m screaming with excitement because for the first time in my LIFE I’m happy with my body. Did you read that?! I’m HAPPY with my BODY! 
The cut I originally signed on for is OVER and this process has been amazing. Who knew I had 40 pounds to lose?!?! I didn't.

Coaching from you was everything I needed. I didn’t have to play the guessing game anymore…. I knew I had a highly skilled/experienced coach in my corner that would make adjustments as soon as they needed to be made and I TRUSTED the process. I TRUSTED the science. I TRUSTED Kait!

I’m more CONFIDENT than ever and along the way I found MYSELF. 

For years I would spend hours and hours in the gym and always looked the same. I would even GAIN weight. 


I got so frustrated with myself. I seriously thought I was BROKEN. I thought I had done some metabolic damage and this was just my new reality. 

I felt trapped inside a skin that I couldn’t change. Advice-givers would say "strength train" I would. Then they would say "RUN" so I would... ALL THE WHILE, I never changed.


This was also the beginning of a pretty unhealthy relationship with food….I started demonizing food groups. I knew there had to be a better way. I needed balance in my life and I needed help FAST. {Enter Kait}

This has been the BEST experience of my LIFE! I should have done this years ago. I would not have changed ONE THING during my coaching. Not. One. Thing." - Angella 


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve

this goal, giving me all the guidance, and honestly just being there

when I needed it. 


I consider myself lucky that I have found you as a coach.

Your approach to prep, macros, on/off season mentality, and

everything from check-ins to our Facebook group has be perfect

for me. You mentioned that the best preps are ones that don't

have any big changes, are consistent in the workouts/macros,

and allow for small changes each and every week. Girl, you have

perfected just that! I think paying attention to my daily steps has

also helped out a lot - so great idea for having everyone count

those because I think it makes a huge difference. 


I do want to share with you a few things I have learned in this

journey since I have started working with you. First food! (cuz

its the best) Counting macros has done WAY more for me than

just helping me achieve weight loss. I now know what a balanced

plate looks like, I am able to recognize the nutritional breakdown

of foods, understand why some foods are higher in fat/carbs, and

even know how much I truly need to fuel my body (surplus,

maintenance, and deficit). While all of this is just information and

numbers that’s so change over time, it has really help me build a

knowledgeable relationship with food. From there I was able to

find meals/recipes that I LOVE and that fit within my range of

macros. I've had several conversations with my mom about

eating foods/meals you love....if they taste good, are

healthy/macro friendly -> then you eat them consistently

(even crave them) -> from there it never feels like you are "dieting" ....its simply just what you prefer! 


On to the gym - having 2 leg days per week for the past year has been crazy. While each day is extremely effective, I have never felt like I can't do the second day (so I really appreciated the structure of the workout program). A 4 day split seemed to be a perfect balance and allowed for a decent recovery. DAMN my legs looked freaking legit on stage!! I have always looked a girls and thought my legs probably won’t ever have that shape, but we once again proved me wrong.


Lastly, thank you for not prioritizing the scale or putting this metric to high regards with your team. I understand it is a valuable measure, but it is truly only 1 number out of many that you can use to measure progress. During my first prep I remember getting so excited when I stepped on the scale and saw 130# for the first time. I laugh about this now, but a year ago that was a big deal/goal for me. I now get on the scale, have ZERO emotional tie to it, and have to write it down immediately or I literally forget it 2 mins later lol. I realize this might be harder post show over the next month or so, but I’m really not stressing about that so hopefully I’ll be able to have that same mind set for awhile! Essentially, I have learned to value the way I feel, my energy, my mood, my sleep, measurments, and my pictures more than that number. So thank you for those reminders.......It might have taken a few years, but I think I finally get the truth behind them" - Stephanie 



"Hiring Kait was the probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life!


I am no stranger to the gym, but Kait helped me take it to the next level in my fitness and my nutrition. I have learnt so much from her! She's very dedicated to her clients so I always felt that she was listening to me and was exactly what I wanted out of a trainer. She is supportive but knows when to push me to my limits, and it was a success.


I hired her a couple of times for a couple cuts, and last year I hired her in anticipation of doing a bikini show and she was amazing! Even though the show was cancelled and 2020 was probably the hardest year to do any decent training, she was always there pushing me to the max.


Her approach is logical, research-based, balanced, and tested

(as you can tell by her big guns). I love that she practices what she preaches and it shows!


I have been in such good shape in my forties and been more confident in the gym and in the kitchen and it's been all thanks to Kait.


looking forward to what 2021 brings!" - Kim

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