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Rigid and exclusive fitness/nutrition programs are destined to fail. Period. 


There is absolutely no need to eliminate the foods you love/enjoy or spend countless hours in the gym doing exercises you hate - just so you can reach your goals. Everything has it's place - in moderation.


Love carbs? What's not to love!

Hate cardio? Me too!  

Enjoy a glass of vino with dinner? Pass the corkscrew! 


You DO NOT need to make endless sacrifices in order to achieve rock-solid results. 


My approach to fitness and nutrition is based around flexibility, sustainability and long-term HEALTH.


It's not just a program. It's a LIFESTYLE.


No matter the goal, I strive to create a plan that my clients enjoy - and provide a set of tools that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. 


Bottom line: my clients get results. And those results LAST. 

Whether you're looking for a Competition Prep Coach, or you're just ready to make a lifestyle change - I have the tools for you!  



PNL1 - Certified in Sport and Exercise Nutrition


CFP - Certified Personal

Training Specialist

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