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PLEASE READ - April/May/June 2020 

Hey. I know right now things seem uncertain, strange, even downright scary. Gyms are closed. Competitions are cancelled. Kids are home. Professional lives have been uprooted. It's a big adjustment, and one none of us saw coming... 

Right now you might be feeling more lost than ever on your fitness journey - and that's normal. I want you to know that I'm still here - and I'm still providing 24/7 support for my kick-ass team. 


My programming is and always has been personalized and modified to work WITH you - with the equipment you do or don't have, within your own time constraints and comfort levels. If you're feeling lost... I'm here to help!


Now, more than ever, is the PERFECT time for you to join my team, be held accountable and receive proper guidance on how to workout effectively with the equipment you have available (even if you have NO equipment), and structure nutrition so you can continue to crush your 2020 goals - even during this massive life transition. 

Let me help you take back control, design a workout plan you can utilize IN OR OUT of the gym, and re-solidify your healthy eating habits.

It's time to get to work. 

- Coach K