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My Workout Schedule - Explained

I feel like I should explain my workout frequency; because, last week was a bit of a gong show.

Normally, I won't workout 3 days in a row, but because of how I scheduled my week last week, that's just the way it worked out.

I follow a "PPL" style of program (Push/Pull/Legs). I have 2 different Push workouts, 2 different Pull workouts and 2 different Leg workouts that I cycle through.

I cycle through all 6 workouts every 10 days. This means, I'm working out and/or taking rest days on different days of the week every week - allowing for, essentially 4 workout days and 3 rest days each "week".

It looks something like this:

I am BAD at taking rest days when I should - but, ample rest/recovery is crucial during a cut - so I need to smarten up.

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