What I'm Eating (Rest Day) - Learning to Maximize Volume

I'm learning how to maximize my macros to ensure I'm eating HUGE meals through out the day - to help curb the ol' appetite. By the end of this prep, I shall be the VOLUME MASTER.

I now split my "breakfast" in to 2 separate meals. Each with 20g of oats, half a cup of egg whites, half a scoop of protein and 16g of coconut almond butter. I log it as one meal - but splitting it up gives me what feels like an entire MEAL between when I eat breakfast (6AM) and when I eat lunch (1pm). Excellent for post-workout!

I know that the hunger I'm feeling at this point is mental - not physical. I only want food because I know I'm limited, not because I'm actually in need of it. Learning to distinguish between craving something and ACTUALLY being hungry for something - is vital.

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