Workout + What I'm Eating

Ok - I mastered the volume game today. I'm proud of myself. It felt like all I did today was eat - and that's because all I did today was eat.

I split my breakfast up in to two meals. Then I split my lunch up in to two meals (listed under lunch and then again under snacks). Ate a HUGE veggie dinner (the volume is nuts - it's enough to feed 3 people.)

AND THEN - I ate an entire batch of jello.

Not only am I feeling satisfied today - but legitimately STUFFED. Going to bed with a FULL belly.

Also - don't even know why or how but my strength was way up today. Lat pull downs at 115lbs is new for me - probably could have gone to 120 but I wanted to keep my form in check.

Deadlifts felt like BUTTER.

Looking forward to a solid squat session tomorrow morning!!!

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