What I'm Eating & The Workout That Never Was

Woke up feeling exhausted. Was aiming to power through a leg day but my body had other plans.

I got through my warm up sets of squats and my body started aching. I could not get warm - even with a sweater on.

Failed half way through my squat sets. Moved on to lunges. Got two sets in and called the whole thing off.

I am SICK!

Got home in time to take a hot bath and climb in to bed. Slept away the afternoon!

Feeling better this evening - maybe it's a 24 hour thing? Not sure, but hoping a solid sleep tonight will set me straight.

I'll likely go back on Sunday to finish my leg day. Likely won't get to the gym tomorrow but I'm going to see how I'm feeling. Not even worth posting my workout as it wasn't much of one.

Despite the whole day being a write off - I still managed to hit macros. No, not even a bug can keep me from my food. Hunger is a good sign when you're sick. I'd be worried if I had no appetite.

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