Cardio Day + What I'm Eating

CARIDO DAY! As I live and breathe... never thought I'd welcome cardio with such open arms BUT after my first session yesterday, the scale FINALLY dropped to 140.8lbs!!!!

First milestone attained!

SO I was more than happy to go in to the gym this morning and rock a quick 400 calorie session on the stairs.

Felt good! I'm still SO congested and can't wait for cardio when I'm actually feeling 100% but for what it was, it felt good.

I'm about to eat my dinner and head to a Tax Seminar for 7pm - because my life is clearly exciting as fuck.

Usually I eat dinner around 6:30-7 but won't be able to, I'll save the Jello to eat before bed to tide me over. I need to have something in my belly at night or I just lie awake and think about summitting mountains made of mashed potatoes.

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