A MUCH needed spa day

Spent the day at Spa Nordik which is essentially a series of hot/cold treatments all housed on a beautiful property just outside of my town.

I dipped in ice baths, soaked in hot tubs, and mellowed all the way out out in aromatherapy sauna's. It was exactly what my body needed. I am going to sleep like a champ tonight.

I plan on going back in the month leading up to my show - it's heaven for a sore, tired body and it's going to be exactly what I'll need at that point in time. Definitely scheduling a massage for next time though!

Also NON scale victory - I didn't have a bathing suit and needed one for the spa - so I popped in to WalMart to browse (was looking to spend as little as possible). This is the first time I've ever pulled a suit off the rack, tried it on, actually thought I looked pretty damn good in it (walmart lighting too - holler!) and bought it - just like that!

Hell yes, body acceptance!

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