The Busiest Sunday EVER

My dog woke me up at 4:30AM and it's a good thing he did because I HAD MEGA work to do today! Got a tonne of stuff done before 8:30AM when I left for my workout. Crushed a pull workout followed by cardio - which basically wiped me for the next few hours.

I've literally never been so tired in my life that I've been able to FEEL caffiene do what it does. I was dead to the world until I pumped myself full of coffee and literally - felt the shade lift as the caffiene kicked in.

After a good coffee, I was ready to rock again - back to the grindstone getting stuff on my "to-do" list checked off like a boss.

Just posted my newest VLOG to YouTube! I have a program to write and a couple of client check ins to go through before I log off for zzzz's.

I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight!

I actually ended up with the majority of my macros left to fill in the evening (no time to eat today!) which means I'm going to bed with a very full belly. My fave!

Happy girl right here!

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