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Great PM Sesh :)

Had an awesome workout tonight with Regena! I haven't done a PM lifting session in a long as time - so I was interested to see how I'd do with several meals behind me.

The conclusion: perfection! I could get used to this.

Although I took my pre-workout at 5pm - and not sure how I'll sleep tonight. I usually don't do caffiene after 2-3pm or I don't sleep well.

HOWEVER - didn't sleep last night (dog kept me up, sometimes he does that) - so hopefully I'll be out like a light tonight.

Missed my cardio - as it started snowing when I got to the gym and I was worried about the roads as I was leaving. Didn't want to stick around longer than I needed to. I only had 200cals scheduled for tonight - and I had a full rest day planned for tomorrow, so I'll just pop in to the gym in the morning to get that done instead.

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