How Winter decided to screw my Sunday...

I decided to head to the gym for my leg sesh at 9am. Discovered that the MINUS 41 DEGREE weather had frozen my car - so it wouldn't start LOL!

Off to a good start!

Bundled myself up and went to catch my bus. It's a solid 15 minute walk to the bus stop - so I ran it stay warm!

Fun Fact about Kait - I have a particular knack for showing up at the bus stop right as the bus I'm supposed to get on is leaving.

"Why don't you leave earlier" you say? Because even when I do - the bus will be early and I'll miss it anyway. It's a curse!

So I FROZE waiting for my bus. Finally hitched my ride - and got to the gym at 11.

ROCKED my workout though! Crushed the legs.

and then.... had to hop on the stairs for 20 minutes to finish up my weekly cardio. There's a reason I try not to schedule cardio after a leg session - and today was a solid reminder of that. It SUCKS.

But I got it done :)

Proceed to bundle back up to go catch my bus home. YUP, miss that one too. Literally ran in 1 spot at the bus stop for half an hour to keep myself warm.

At this point I really had to pee because I drink a LOT of water during my workouts.

Finally the bus shows up - drops me off at the stop 15 minutes from my house. Nearing full on pants wetting - I RUN home - with all my gym gear over my shoulder to boot!

Walked in the door without wetting myself. Sweet relief.

At this point it's 2pm - and I haven't eaten since breakfast at 6am. I'm ... STARVING. At least at this point, I have SO many macros left that I can full on FEAST. And FEAST I did.

Then I took a hot bath in an attempt to warm up - after which, I was feeling much better.

Just - NOT a fan of Winter!

It's supposed to warm up a bit this week - hopefully the car thaws out..........

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