Killing this week so far...

Woke up today at 138.1lbs which is a new low! Feeling lean and mean - but I keep having dreams where I eat the fucking world, so I wake up in a panic that I've blown it.


My car seems to have thawd out and is running again, PHEW. One thing off my list of things to stress about. Drove to the gym this morning just as it was starting to snow. It snowed about a foot while I was at the gym - and I HAD to get to the grocery store for broccoli - so I white knuckled the drive and made it in one piece.

Getting home was a nightmare. Cars in ditches. Cars slipping and sliding everywhere. I was driving 40 in a 80 zone and I didn't GAF.

Pulled in to my driveway to get stuck... so I'm gonna have to shovel my car out later (extra cardio!) but - happy I made it home safe and sound.

It has since snowed about 2 feet.

I have cardio scheduled tomorrow but I can push it back a day if I can't get to the gym.

All in all though - an awesome workout. Hit another rep PR on bench! I had a spotter today so that helped! Rocked my cardio too.

OH and I finally picked up some Walden Farms Pancake Syrup to try out. It's the BOMB! I love it. Lots of people say it's an aquired taste but I think it's delish! I made protein ice cream with it (recipe tomorrow) and it was LEGIT - a GAME CHANGER. New favourite treat, fo sho.

I've also started incorporating Whey Protein back in to my diet in small amounts (1 scoop max). The bloat is THERE but it's not obcene. Lots of great recipes call for whey (protein ice cream for instance) so I thought I'd give it another whirl. We'll see how it goes.

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