A Solid End to a Crazy Week

You ever have those days where the stars just align and everything awesome that can happen, happens?

Yeah, I just did.

Today was amazing.

I woke up from a 9.5 hour sleep and knew as soon as my feet hit the bedroom floor that today was gonna be epic.

I got my breakfast in and headed to the gym for what can only be described as THE BEST WORKOUT of all workouts EVER.

Increased weight on a bunch of different lifts and just had the most solid pump the entire way through. I was working on posing between sets and - for the first time, looked in the mirror and saw a physique that was worthy of the stage.

I honestly feel that I can be competitive in this sport - and that's what I plan on being.

Knocked about 25 "to-do's" off my to-do list today. I feel accomplished. I feel happy. I feel excited.

I wish every day could be like today.

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