MFP Sucks.

Today will go down in history as the sad, sad day I discovered I've been over eating protein by about 20g per day because I've been logging it incorrectly - or rather, MFP has been giving me bunk data for my entry.

Thanks alot, "Myfitnesspal" - if that IS your real name.

I dunno how I didn't notice this sooner. I blame being blonde. I really do.

I've at least been consistent about it - since I eat the exact same thing for lunch every day.

Anyway - lesson learned. Corrected it and I'm moving on. But big picture - that's 560 extra calories I've been consuming each day. That's almost half of my cardio for the week.

We'll see if the correction has an effect on my losses.

Went for a volume home run today and hit the broccoli slaw hard - THUG LIFE.

Oh, and my workout was solid. And cardio was...well cardio.

All in all, a good day in the books.

Off for my nightly ritual of soaking in an epsom salt bath then climbing in to bed to read.

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