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Bloat CITY

MAN - I am STILL feeling the effects of the ice cream mishap on Saturday. I am SO bloated, I actually had to ask Laz if I could postpone my progress pics for this week. Since I look about 7 months pregnant, I don't think anyone is gonna be getting a solid idea of where things are with my physique LOL!

So I will take and post those on Wednesday or Thursday instead.

I am done done done with dairy. UGH.

But, there's a bit in my favourite Lindt chocolate I guess - so F&*# ... Gonna opt for the "enjoy life" chocolate for a bit - which is dairy free. Let's see how long that lasts.

Had an epic sleep last night (thank you Unisom sleeping aid) and hopefully will again tonight. I've started limiting my caffiene intake *cries* in the hopes that makes a difference.

BUT anyway - had an awesome pull sesh today - strength is back to where it needs to be. Solid cardio sesh afterwards too.

Should be feeling back to regular self in no time. Just gotta keep truckin'.

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