Leg day destruction

Man - my back squat day always destroys me. I am so so so very hungry and finding myself lost in the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram far too often these days.

Did my best to save my meals until afternoon/evening but - I finished everything earlier than usual so I'm now drinking tea and wishing I had more macros to play with.

I EVEN considered borrowing some carbs/fat from tomorrow for an extra meal today- but I know when I do that, I always end up kicking myself the next day - so I'm just going to power through.

Early to bed.

Got another AWESOME sleep last night - three in a row would be spectacular. At this point, I'm pretty much wiped from leg day- so the odds are looking good.

Winter storm is rolling in tonight - hoping I'll be able to get to the gym for cardio tomorrow but at the same time, stairs the day after leg day is never fun - so I wouldn't be totally disappointed if I got snowed in.

I'm still bloated - and currently sitting at 139.3lbs. Scale is not moving - and I'm starting to feel like macros will be cut soon. Or cardio increased.

I'm ok with either - I know I gotta do what I gotta do.

My posts are getting increasingly whiney - but I promise, I'm still feeling good, positive and STRONG.

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