Can't seem to quench my hunger these days! I had a leg day today - hunger is particularly worse on these days. POWER THROUGH POWER THROUGH! Protein fluff will save me. I'm trying to get in the habit of eating breakfast (pre workout at 6am) and then holding off on eating lunch until about 1pm. I find I'm hungriest in the evenings and I LOVE going to bed with a full belly - so saving more of my macros for the evening time has been the strategy of choice at the moment.

Gym was packed today! You'd think it was New Years or something - I guess everyone is starting to feel the impending SUMMER - time to get that bathing suit bod ;)

Missed my squats today because the racks were all taken. Threw in some extra sets of my assistance work to get some more volume.

Cardio is all done for the week. Hit 5 strong work outs this week. Hit a new low of 137.1lbs on the scale today! All in all - one of my best weeks yet!

Less than 12 weeks out now.... time to GRIND!

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