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Energy - going, going, gone!

MAN - I am feeling it today. I feel like every little task takes all of the energy inside of me to accomplish.

But - I woke up at a new low today - 136.0lbs!

Not a super eventful day - woke up at knocked out 300 cals of cardio today, off of lifting. 300 cals took 40 minutes to do - it was a slog. The guy on the stairmaster next to me decided to shower me in his sweat the entire time. If only he could have heard the running commentary I had going on inside my head. Let's just say my swear jar would be brim full.

If you're gonna sweat that much, at least wrap a towel around your neck dude. Honestly.

The bitchiness factor is starting to set in - can ya tell?!

Sleep has been great! Not feeling super hungry today - protein fluff has been my saviour.

Looking forward to a solid push session tomorrow - hopefully my strength is up to par!

Hot bath and early to bed for me tonight.

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