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Fasted Cardio?

So today I woke up feeling AMAZING! Had an epic 9 hour sleep, just felt so good all around - energy is back on point - and not even feeling hungry!

'Cause I was feeling so good - I decided to skip breakfast and *GASP* do fasted cardio today - so I could save some macros for later on (which is when the hunger really starts to set in).

I sipped my coffee as I took care of a couple hours of work - and then headed to the gym.

I chucked back my pre-workout and knocked out my 300 cals on the stairs easy peasy - didn't feel the hunger at all.

Got home and broke my fast around 12:30 with the most epic of stir frys - I'm talking VOLUME CITY. I got some tofu shiritaki noodles (6C/1F/2P for the ENTIRE BAG) to toss in to the fry - this is defintiely going to be a recurring food item for me. So good!

Well worth the wait - as I have felt totally full and content all day long after such a huge lunch.

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it - as I HATE fasted cardio (I'll never weight train on an empty stomach - I can't focus properly...) but I kinda liked how it set me up for the rest of the day. This is something I might try again on my next cardio-only day - which will be Monday.

All in all - feeling GREAT, had an amazing day. Things are good in the hood.

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