Never. Again.

Thought I'd play it slick and save ALL my macros for an epic dessert. It was a fail. I mean it was good but it wasn't worth skrimping on all my other meals just so I could splurge at the end of the day.

Lesson learned.

If you're wondering, I layered thin crispy cookie chocolate wafer things with 95% fat free cool whip and then let it chill in the fridge so the wafers softened. It tasted like an ice cream sandwich - and that part was great - but it was a lot of macros for a less than satisfying treat. It was gone in 2.5 seconds and ...I'm still hungry.

Tomorrow, back to volumizing everything. I'd rather be FULL than eat treats - all day, every day.

Had a great workout today! Hit a rep PR for DB shoulder presses. 40lbs --> 5 sets of 12-14 reps (mostly 14's, 13 in my 4th set and 12 in my 5th set.

I was stuck on 35's for SO LONG - finally got the 40's up a couple months ago - and now it's time to move to 45's!

Knocked out cardio, and have had a productive day of spring cleaning, some yard work, back-end business stuff (doing taxes, paying bills, FUN FUN FUN), dog grooming (the spring shed!) and updating my PT certification for the year.

I LOVE daylight savings day - it's the first step in to SPRING! It stays lighter LATER - which to me means PATIO SEASON IS UPON US!

Oh, how I can't WAIT for a glass of vino on a patio in the evening sun. Or for the tempature to hit the double digits.

Or for this snow to finally be GONE (It's MELTING!)

I'm in a phenomenal mood today. Life is good.

And now for a bath and early to bed! Looking forward to the week ahead!

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