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Ughhhhhh - I knew from my warm up sets that today's session was going to be NO BUENO.

I scaled everything down today and focussed on engaging the BOOTY. My legs are still hurting from my squat sesh on Saturday - I think I should have taken another day between leg workouts, but it is what it is.

Also didn't have the greatest sleep because someone from Bangladesh decided to call me at 1am and I had my ringer on my phone turned on for - not even joking - the FIRST time EVER in my entire life. BANGLADESH WHY!!!!!

Lesson learned. Ringer: OFF.

That aside, today was a much better day. Caught up on all of my work and knocked lots off my to-do list.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try my hand at fasted cardio again. We'll see how it goes! I like the idea of more food later....

Feeling LEAN and mean.

Woke up at 134.9lbs today - that's a new low, and I'm starting to really see it. Things are happening!

Zero'd out my macros today. How ya like THEM apples MFP.

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