Fasted Cardio - Round 2

I only had cardio on my gym schedj. today so I figured I'd give fasted cardio another go.

Woke up feeling good - had my coffee while I worked for a couple of hours. Chugged my pre-workout before heading to the gym and crushed 300cals on the stairs in record time!

Ate my lunch and 2 huge bowls of blueberries mixed with PB2 and puffed kumut ceral. I was so full. So worth it. This is the main benefit of not breaking a fast until noon - I had a LOT of food to eat in a short period of time.

Energy is on point today! Looking forward to my PUSH workout tomrorow!

Nothing spectacular to report for today - just busy tackling work and tax stuff. Fun, right?!

OH and weighed in today at 134.1lbs - another NEW low! Things are cruising along this week!

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