Past my bedtime again...

Another crazy, busy day in the books! I hate getting off track with my sleeping - but - what can ya do. 'Tis life sometimes.

Nothing exciting to report today. Took the day off the gym - focussed on work.

Got the pup out for a good run today in the sunshine - but brrrrr, it was cold. Spring...where are you? One of the lame parts about getting leaner is I AM COLD ALLLL THE TIME - even when I'm inside and bundled in sweaters with the heat on.

I'm sure come show day, I'll be rocking mittens in 20C weather.

Here's another thing I've learned during prep - I'm not usually one to crave sweet stuff - I'm more about salty snacks, but during this prep - ALL I want is sweet stuff. My end of day protien brownie covered in WF syrup is heaven in my mouth. I've even started adding sweetener packets to my coffee/tea when before I'd drink them black.

I dream of candy.

I think this is my body telling me "EAT WOMAN, I'M HANGRY!"

Also, I'm hangry.

BUT - hit a CRAZY ASS low today - 132.7lbs! Where did that number even come from? I think partly due to evening cardio last night and maybe not drinking enough water through out the day - but seriously.... holy fluctuations batman.

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