Deads on DECK!

Awesome pull sesh today - My deadlifts are back on point. I'm hitting the same weight/reps as Week 1 of this prep, which is exciting for me. Squeezed out a new rep PR for lat pull downs. Anytime I hit a new rep PR on anything is a miracle at this point. Some weeks are better than others, strength wise - but as long as I'm maintaining at this point, I am a happy camper.

One of my biggest regrets of my last cut - was letting the idea that my strength would drop get inside my head - and therefore, causing my strength to drop (if you think it's gonna happen, it will happen - the ol' self fulfilling prophecy.)

I made a promise to myself this time around that I would maintain strength - because IT IS possible if you're pushing hard enough, and training SMART (getting enough rest/recovery time). Although, YES it's totally normal for strength to drop while you're in a deficit - it doesn't mean it HAS to on ALL lifts.

So far I've been doing well maintaining - even setting a few rep PR's here and there! Lower body is more of a struggle for me - so my squats have suffered a bit... but not so much that I'm concerned about getting that strength back immediately following the show.

I already have next bulk on my mind... it's gonna be epic. :)

Weight was back up to 135.7lbs today... these fluctuations are so strange - the only thing out of whack has been my bedtime.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back on my regular schedule ASAP.

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