I Feel Awesome!

MAN this week has been great. Sleeping well, lots of energy, strength is up, crushing workouts, killing macros. I feel amazing - and confident! Love that feeling!

I switched up my food for a bit of variety this week and I think that's really helping my mind set going in to this second half of prep.

I'm beginning to feel that where I am right now is my "happy place" in terms of body shape. It's not super lean, but it's defintely lean. I feel I'm at a spot where I could happily maintain here.

BUT - whether I choose to maintain or go back in to another deep bulk this fall depends on how I fair at the show. If I place top 5 (top 3 is my goal) - then I'm gonna be thinking about Provincials next year...

That would mean another full growing season before prepping for a June-ish show.

The wheels are turning - I'm excited for the road ahead!

I fit an entire chocolate bar in to my macros today so ... that kinda helps! And a sandwich. I mean, am I even dieting? The beauty of IIFYM!

Just hit 300Cals on the stairs this morning - no weights :( Tomorrow is pull day and I'm AMPED to hit that hard!


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