I'm not even gonna lie - I didn't complete the cardio I was supposed to this week. I am low-key dying today. Energy is at ZERO and I just don't have it in me. This is why I try not to leave cardio until the end of the week - and I won't be doing that again - lesson learned.

I'm emotional today. Normally I'm a very level headed individual and I don't let things get to me - but on prep, everything is amplified.... I'm feeling homesick today (holidays hit me in the feels) and I'm just - not feeling like myself at the moment.

So - I had my first real "fuck it" moment of prep and decided not to do the 300 calories of cardio I was supposed to today. After training legs - there was just no way it was happening. I could barely walk.

I did however have a solid workout - and my macros are on point. So I'm happy with that. Even though - I couldn't pull myself in to a proper frame of mind for front squats today - so I stuck to machines.

As much as today wasn't really a fail, I still consider it to be a bit of one and I can't help but beat myself up a little over it. I hate straying off plan - and I wanted this prep to be perfection - but to expect perfection would be silly. I'm not perfect. Nobody is.

I'm human - and I have bad days just like everyone else. I'm allowed to. And I'm OK with that.

Overall, this week went well - my weight has come down nicely - but at this point, I'm really feeling the grind. I'm drained. My head is not in the right space.

It's all good though - I will pull myself together and get back on track for next week. I always do.

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