This day needs to be over...

It's been a ROUGH day. I got a grand total of 3.5 hours of sleep last night - coupled with some crappy sleeps the nights before and I am ONE TIRED LADY.

When you're tired - the hunger is very real. Doesn't help that I finished the majority of my macros off by 1pm haha OOPS!

Doing everything I can just to keep myself on track today. Let's just say my tea game is strong.

Hit 350 cals on the rower this morning - half because I wanted to change things up and half because the stairs were all occupied.

It went by pretty quick though - I may start incorporating that more often.

Definitely going to focus on knocking out all of my cardio before the weekend rolls around so I don't end up in the predicament I put myself in last week. No more missing cardio sessions. Not cool, Kait. Not cool.

Finishing up my work for the day - then a nice epsom salt soak and early to bed!

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