Today was a good day! :)


Although - it was not very exciting.

When you look forward to a blueberry bagel for like...3 weeks - and then you get it, and IT'S STALE.... but you eat it anyway 'cause you can't stop yourself.... yeah. Sad. Almost a waste of carbs.... ALMOST! I even bought a little single serve Reese's Spread to put on it - which I'd never had before but had heard good things...

It was MEH. Not worth the indulgence - and I feel my carbs/fats would have been put to better use on other stuff - but, hey - food is food.

I tripled up on my oats this morning and that led to an amazing pump at the gym - great deadlift session - hit a PR! I haven't tested deads in a while but I hit 275# at 133lbs body weight - I'm a happy camper!

Made it through the rest of my back/bi (pull) workout and hit the same reps/numbers I have in previous weeks - so my strength is still there... I'm sure the extra food had something to do with it.

The rest of my carbs today went to less exciting things - rice, blueberries, puffed cereal - I was going for VOLUME - and just wanted to feel stuffed - so I opted for MORE nutritious choices, as opposed to the candy route - which is what I'd done in previous refeeds.

Feeling good at this point - I needed the refeed.

New month starts tomorrow - 8 weeks out on Saturday - I'm ready to finish the next 8 weeks as strong as I can.

I feel like energy and - furthermore - mentality - has taken a beating the last week with stress/sleep/hormones, etc - but - I'm feeling like the worst is behind me now.

Feeling very positive about the weeks to come :)

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