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Life Pranked Me!

April 1, 2016

April Fools! Life decided to pull the ultimate prank on me today. Woke up feeling kinda MEH - I knew it was unusual to have so little energy for the day after a refeed but figured since I'd maxed out on deads yesterday and didn't have the best sleep, this was just a little exhaustion. 


Got to the gym for leg day and immediately knew I wouldn't have the energy to get through my workout. Definitely feeling "off". Decided to deload randomly - so I cut my normal weight for all lifts and did what I could do. 


Felt kinda funny on the way home from the gym - just so. damn. tired. 


Got home - and immediately passed out for an hour in bed.  


Woke up - and got SICK as a DOG. All afternoon. My body does not like me right now - and I have no idea what's up. 


Focussed on getting my macros in through the most nutritious avenues I could. Veggies. I also drank about 10L of water today - to try to flush this bug out. 


Took a hot bath this evening, and about to hop in bed for a solid night of sleep. It's 7:30pm. It's still light out. I don't even care. I'm listening to my body on this one. 


Not the way I wanted to start the month off - but - what can ya do. 


Hopefully I can sleep the rest of this away tonight and wake up ready to go tomorrow. I have a scheduled rest day tomorrow anyway... which is probably what I need. 


This is why I wanted to get cardio tackled earlier in the week - and I'm glad I did! I just have 300cals left to crush, which I can leave until Sunday no problem. 





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