So very very HUNGRY

NOTHING is quenching my hunger today. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't sleep well again last night - or what - but I can't seem to get full. All I can think about is FOOD. My macros haven't even changed recently. Frustrating.

I'm not sure I timed my meals well yesterday. I ate quite a bit at the start of the day and ate dinner earlier than usual - so by bedtime, I was ravenous. I was lying in bed and my stomach was growling up a storm. The hunger was painful. I ALMOST got out of bed to just eat today's breakfast so I could SLEEP - but I knew if I did that, I would be regretting it today. So I powered through - and eventually nodded off.

My pup kept waking me up every hour - he was restless. Which is weird because I ran him super hard yesterday and then walked him for an hour. I thought if anything, he'd be KO'd for the night.

BUT - on the bright side -

I forced 100% of myself during today's gym session and felt solid through out. Got a great workout in. Knocked out my remaining cardio for the week.

Then came home and tried to pace myself with food.

Let's just say, I've consumed a LOT of water/tea/coffee today to tied me over.

Hopefully sleep comes quick tonight. I need it.

Looking forward to the week ahead though! Hopefully this is just an off day and not a trend that will continue....

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