So - this is what I love about IIFYM. When you need to "go off track" you can "go off track" without actually "going off track."

Around 4pm - I was really really REALLY feeling the hunger.

I made two chicken sandwiches and ate them back to back... I felt STUFFED after, which is exactly what I was going for.

I hadn't planned on that today - but it happened.

So - I just went in to MFP, rejigged my macros a bit, removed my pre-planned dinner - and voila - still came in on point with my macros.

Flexibility is a beautiful thing.

Knocked out 350cals on the stairs this morning. Weighed in at 131.9lbs. Checked in with my coach and everything is staying the same (for now).

He says I'm on point but the crunch is coming.... I'm scared. LOL! But I'm in it to win it. So I'll do whatever it takes.

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