Life is Good.

I had an another AMAZING sleep last night and took a full rest day today. It was fantastical! I am feeling focussed, driven and finally like my head and heart are in the right place again.

I sent my mid-week check in to Laz today - and he delivered the CARDIO punch! Adding 2 HIIT sessions (5 rounds of 15 seconds MAX effort sprint followed by 45-90 seconds of rest) per week.

I'm ready to turn the amps up to 11 on this prep.

Time for shreddies.

I need it - I weighed in today at 134lbs and I'm just feeling like a hormonal ball of fluff. Hopefully that resolves over the course of the next couple of days.

OH ... actually, I hope it resolves by Saturday because I have a posing clinic to attend LOL!

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