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Despite being woken up at 3am and not being able to fall back asleep, it was a fairly decent day. Since I couldn't fall back to sleep, I got up and started working. Got quite a bit of stuff knocked off my to-do list before I'm usually even out of bed - even some food prep - so that felt good.

I caffeinated the crap out of myself and tried to hold off on breakfast until my regular time so I wouldn't be starving all day.

I made it to 6am - and MAN was that oatmeal good.

Hit the gym and got a solid workout in, followed by 250cals on the stairs.

I've started tanning at salon to get a good base colour going - so I stopped in there on my way home.

RAVENOUS by the time I got in around 12 - fixed myself up a nice plate of Cod, green beans and sweet potato. YUM! So satisfying!

But the hunger is flipping REAL these days - VERY VERY REAL. I think about food all day long. It's a bit of a mind-fuck. I remember the intense cravings from my last cut - but I had forgotten how annoying it is to have your thoughts CONSUMED by what you WANT but can't fit in.

BOX O' DONUTS PLEASE! All the sweet stuff. lol!

Looking forward to my posing seminar tomorrow with Regena - should be a fun day! PAINFUL - but fun ;)

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