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It's been a long, hard, mentally and physically challenging day. Lots going on and I'm feeling the pressure today.

It's SO CRUCIAL to learn to take the bad days with the good. It's important to remember that just because you're having a bad day, doesn't mean you won't ever have a good day again. It can seem like the end of the world at the time - but it's not. The sun will rise again.

Today was an ass day strength wise - I think because I just could not get my head out of the clouds. Everything felt like it was a million pounds and honestly - I wanted to cry. I feel small, and weak - and I've reached a point in prep where I question every day if I'm ready for this competition or not. I KNOW I'm ready... but my brain is dicking me around. Emotions are running very high.

STRANGE to be thinking these thoughts when just a week ago, I was setting PR's.... I know I'm being ridiculous - these are just the nutso things that go through your head when you're less than 7 weeks out. The self doubt needs to stop.

The hunger was very real again today too - and that doesn't help anything.

ALSO the wifi at the gym was down (!!) - and I wasn't about to get on the stairs for cardio without my precious YouTube - so I left the gym, came home and did work - and then went back for round two (different gym) around 4pm.

Got it done!

The PROBLEM is - now I've eaten dinner and finished up my macros for the day and I'm just SO flippin' hungry. All I can think about is food.

I hope sleep comes quickly tonight.

Leg day tomorrow - I need to be on my game.

Enough of my rambles for tonight.

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