Disoriented AF

That feeling when you rock a totally solid morning/day but finish your macros at 3pm and then fall asleep in your clothes at 5pm..... and wake up at 6:30pm disoriented as heck. WHERE AM I!? WHAT IS THIS? WHO AM I!?

Wow - I am TIRED. Thought I had a solid sleep last night but my body is telling me otherwise. Perhaps the last week of crappy sleep has finally caught up to me.

All I know is I need to go back to bed - because I can't risk getting sick at this point. If my body needs sleep, sleep it shall get.

Going to sleep before the sun sets FOR THE WIN!

Night world!

Weighed in today at 132.9lbs and knocked out my 350cals of cardio on the stairs. Gonna do some boulder shoulder damage tomorrow. Should be good :) Feeling good!

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