I really thought today was going to be another rough one. Didn't have the greatest sleep last night (couldn't fall asleep after my evening nap debacle).... but my gym session was a SLAM dunk - actually PR'd for reps on DB Shoulder Press. All of my other lifts felt awesome too - and I was able to hold most weight/reps steady. Very happy. I needed a solid session to knock me back to reality.

Got my first HIIT session done and dusted today too - on the rower. Felt good!

Busy day of work - followed by a hair appointment - didn't get around to dinner until 8:45.

It was actually one of those days where I was too busy to even think about food - which are welcomed at this point.

It's now 9:30 and I have a few more tasks to knock out before I can hit the hay. I have a feeling I'll sleep well tonight!

All in all, a great, productive day - and I'm feeling GOOD!

Checked in with Laz today - all is good for now; but sounds like we're going to be picking up the pace next week. I'm scared! LOL!

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