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First day on the new macros was a success. Not missing anything yet.

Actually I'm 95% sure that eating two bags of broccoli slaw each day is why my digestion has been so whacky the last couple of weeks... so, I simply cut my dinner slaw out (20g of carbs) which I didn't miss, since it's such a high volume meal anyway (I get tonnes of fibre from other veggie sources in my day, so it's not a huge loss.)

I also traded my morning trail mix (11g of fat) for crushed up almonds (6g of fat) so that took care of the 5g cut to my fat macros right there....

Small changes - didn't really notice much in terms of missing volume - so far so good!

Was truly dreading leg day today (as I do with all leg days lately) but, actually had a really good session. Even hit my HIIT on the rower afterwards.

AND - I also managed to walk my dog this evening without wanting to cut my own legs off half way through - which is normally why Russell doesn't get walked on leg days haha!

All in all - a great day!

I also go my hair redone today - and I'm officially in love. I got the roots done this time, and went lighter/brighter... I've definitely found my stage look - and I'm glad I did the experimenting this far out from the show because it gave me time to make tweaks.

If you're planning on changing up your hair or rocking a style totally different from what you normally do - TRY it out first. That way, if it doesn't turn out how you've imagined, you don't have to get on stage rocking something you're not 100% in to.

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