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And I didn't even die!

I knocked out 800 calories of cardio today - without dying! I'm proud of myself. It took a short nap between sessions, but it happened. 400 this morning on the stairs and then 400 in an RPM class tonight with Regena. I rewarded my efforts (actually bribed myself today....) with a chocolate bar - which fit nicely in to my macros.

Also got some posing under my belt. I seriously SERIOUSLY need to buckle down with practicing. I've got a 1-on-1 scheduled with my posing coach next week and I'd rather not look like an asshole during the session.

Making it a point to practice for 10-15 minutes 4-5 days per week at this point.

Felt good today - drained - but good. Exciting to hit a deadlift session tomorrow! But first... SLEEEEEEP.

ALSO - weight came down slightly to 132.9lbs today... hoping this trend continues.

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