On a ROLL!

Another fantastic day in the books - strength wise, energy wise, mood. I feel on top of the world this week!

I seem to be hitting a wall around 2-3pm every day, but a coffee or a Monster usually sets me straight and I'm back on it for the evening. Haven't felt the effects of the macro drop yet - I think because I've been getting such great sleeps.

Went easy on deadlifts today (being overly cautious of wrecking my energy I guess....) - but hit a rep PR on my lat pull downs - so, I'm ok with that!

Got lots done today - got another busy one tomorrow. GO GO GO (which is great, it keeps my mind off of food.)

OH and I got an Email from Tamee (my suit designer) and my suit is EN ROUTE! I can't WAIT to see it! Should be arriving sometime next week!!!!

It's starting to get VERY REAL.

5 weeks out tomorrow!

Early to bed tonight for a big sleep (hopefully.)

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